Past and Current Regular Tenure-Stream Faculty

Victor Acosta

Acosta, Victor

2015- ; PhD 2011, UC Berkeley; Quantum Sensing, Magnetic Resonance, and AMO Experiment

Ahluwalia, Harjit

1968-2014; PhD 1960, Gujarat University, India; Galactic Cosmic Radiation, Solar and Space Weather and Plasma Physics

Allahverdi, Rouzbeh

2007- ; PhD 2000, University of Alberta, Canada; Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology

Alpert, Seymour

1966-94; PhD 1962, UC Berkeley; Optics and Energetic Modeling of the Human Metabolism; Deceased March 2014

Angell, Martin

Professor of Physics and Engineering, 1903-04 and 1905-08; 1908-13; Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, 1909-13; MA (05), University of Wisconsin.

Bardsley, George

1919-20; MS, University of California

Barron, Darcy

2018- ; PhD 2015, UC San Diego; Cosmology, Cosmic Microwave Background Measurements including Instrumentation Development

Bassalleck, Bernd

1982-2015; Chair 2002-12; PhD 1977, Universität Karlsruhe, Germany; Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics

Becerra-Chavez, Francisco Elohim

2013- ; PhD 2009, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Avanzados, Mexico; Experimental Quantum Optics, Nonlinear Optics, Quantum Information

Beckel, Charles

1966-94; PhD 1954, Johns Hopkins University; Theoretical Atomic and Molecular Physics, Biophysics; Deceased August 2009

Becker, Wilhelm

1987-92; PhD 1969, Technische Universität München, Germany; Quantum Optics and Physics in Intense Laser Fields

Bowen, L. Gerald

1948-55; MS 1949, University of New Mexico; Meteorology

Breiland, John

1942-70; Chair 1957-58 and 1961-62; University of Iowa; PhD 1956; Synoptic meteorology, thunderstorms, atmospheric ozone. Deceased September 1996

Brenneman, Jesse

1914-17; BS 1908, University of Chicago.

Brown, Robert Reginald

1953-56; PhD 1952, University of California, Berkeley. Cosmic ray time variations, auroral and ionospheric physics, geomagnetism; Deceased May 23, 2010

Bryant, Howard Carnes

1960-97; PhD 1961, University of Michigan; Solar Energy, Elementary Particle, Nuclear and High Energy Atomic Physics

Burns, Jack

1980-89; PhD 1978, Indiana University; Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology

Cahill, Kevin

1981-2023; PhD 1967, Harvard; Quantum Optics, Theoretical Particle Physics, Computational Physics, Biophysics, Relativity and Cosmology

Campbell, Belva

1986-2001; PhD 1984, University of Arizona; Optical, Infrared and Radio Astronomy; Deceased January 2014

Campbell, Philip

1967-69; PhD 1963, University of Colorado at Boulder; Radiation transport, spherical galaxies

Caves, Carlton

1992-2018; PhD 1979, Caltech; Quantum information theory and quantum computation. Theory of open quantum systems and decoherence. Nonlinear dynamics and quantum chaos. Theoretical quantum optics

Chakraborty, Tonmoy

2020- ; PhD 2018, SUNY Albany; Biophotonics, Fluorescence Microscopy

Chandler, Colston

1966-68 and 1970-2004; PhD 1967, UC Berkeley; Scattering theory. Pion-nuclear physics. Atomic physics

Childs, Edward P.

1898-99; Dean of the College of Science, Literature and Arts, Director of Laboratories of Chemistry and Physics, and Professor of Physics and Mathematics, 1899-1902; BS, Denison University. Deceased October 21, 1951

Coleman, Francis Fleming

1934-36; Assistant Dean of Men, 35-36; PhD 1933, Oxford University; Vapor pressure of metals, molecular velocity spectrometer

Crosson, Elizabeth

2018-2023; PhD 2015, University of Washington; Theory of Quantum Information and Quantum Computation

Cyr-Racine, Francis-Yan

2019- ; PhD 2012, University of British Columbia, Canada; Particle Cosmology, Dark Matter Physics

Dean, Christopher

1963-78; PhD 1952, Harvard University; Radiofrequency spectroscopy, musical acoustics, satellite meteorology, high atmosphere. Deceased May 28, 1991

Deutsch, Ivan

1995- ; PhD 1992, UC Berkeley; Quantum Information Science, Quantum Optics, Atomic-Molecular-Optical Physics

Diels, Jean-Claude

1986- ; PhD 1973, University of Brussels, Belgium; Laser Physics, Nonlinear Optics, Ultrafast Phenomena

Dieterle, Byron

1970-99; PhD 1967, UC Berkeley; Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics

Dragomir, Diana

2020- ; PhD 2013, University of British Columbia; Optical and Infrared Astronomy, Exoplanet Detection, Characterization and Atmospheres

Drake, Tara

2019- ; PhD 2015, University of Colorado, Boulder; Nonlinear Optics

Duan, Huaiyu

2010- ; PhD 2004, University of Minnesota; Nuclear/Particle Astrophysics and Computation

Duhadway, Raymond

1918-19; AM 1918, University of Chicago.

Duncan, Robert

1996-2008; PhD 1988, UC Santa Barbara; Experimental Low-Temperature and Condensed Matter Physics, Metrology and Instrumentation Development

Dunlap, David

1989- ; PhD 1987, University of Rochester; Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Duric, Nebojsa

1986-2004; PhD 1984, University of Toronto; Origin of Cosmic Rays, Radio Astronomy

Elsasser, Walter M.

Professor of Physics, Chairman of the Department of Physics, 1961-62; PhD 1927, University of Gottingen; Theoretical physics. Deceased October 14, 1991

Evans, John Wainwright

1972-76; PhD 1938 Harvard University; Solar physics, solar terrestrial effects, optical design. Deceased October 31, 1999

Fields, Douglas

2001- ; PhD 1992, Indiana University; Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics

Finley, Daniel

1968-2011; Chair 1985-91; PhD 1968 UC Berkeley; Mathematical Physics and General Relativity

Friedland, Stephen Sholom

1948-49; PhD 1948 University of Pennsylvania; Radioisotopes in medicine

Gaines, Marshall

1892-94; AM

Geremia, J.M.

2005-09; PhD 2001, Princeton; Experimental Quantum Information Science

Gold, Michael S.

1991- ; PhD 1986, UC Berkeley; Experimental Elementary Particle Physics

Green, John Root

1950-81; Acting Chairman of the Department of Physics, 1954-55; PhD 1950, University of California, Berkeley; Cosmic radiation, extensive air showers, cloud chambers, scintillators, phase transformations and physical properties of plastic organic crystals. Deceased October 18, 2007

Gregory, Stephen

1984-2006; PhD 1974, University of Arizona; Large Scale Structure of the Universe, Active Galaxy Nuclei and Space Science

Grenchik, Raymond

1946-50; PhD 1956, Indiana University; Stellar atmospheres. Deceased: September 28, 2000

Henning, Patricia

1993-2020; PhD 1990, University of Maryland; Extragalactic Radio Astronomy, large-scale Structure of the Universe

Holzer, RobertEdward

1934-46; PhD 1930, University of California; Atmospheric electricity; electrical structure of thunderstorms. Deceased May 19, 1994

Howarth, John Lee

1964-78; PhD 1952, University of London; Radiological physics, visual perception, innovative undergraduate education. Deceased February 22, 2011

Hull, McAllister Hobart

1977-1989; PhD 1951, Yale University; UNM Provost 1977-1985; Theoretical Nuclear Physics; Deceased February 2011

Hyder, Charles Latif

1967-76; PhD 1964 University of Colorado; The sun, quasi-stellar objects, global and local environmental impact of energy sources. Deceased June 8, 2004

Johnson, Brad

1996-97; PhD 1991, University of Colorado; Condensed Matter Theory and Computational Physics

Katzenstein, Jack

1959; PhD 1949, Harvard University; Deceased January 1, 1986

Kenkre, Vasudev

1984-2016; PhD 1971, SUNY at Stony Brook; Interdisciplinary Connections of Physics to Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering; Mathematical Modeling of Epidemics

Kieffaber, Lois

1973-84; PhD 1973; University of New Mexico; Zodiacal light, airglow

King, David Soloman

1965-99; PhD 1965, University of Indiana; Stellar interiors, theory of pulsating variable stars, nonlinear self-excited oscillations in stellar envelopes; Deceased August 25, 2013

Koch, Robert Harry

1966-67; PhD 1959; Photoelectric photometry, polarimetry, visible band and ultraviolet spectroscopy, evolution of eclipsing variable stars. Deceased October 11, 2010.

Koch, Steve

2006-13; PhD 2003, Cornell University; Experimental Biophysics

Leavitt, Christopher

1956-65; Acting Chairman of the Department of Physics, 58-60; PhD 1952, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Nuclear and high energy physics, cosmic rays, space physics. Deceased November 2015

Lidke, Keith

2007- ; PhD 2002, University of Minnesota; Optical Techniques in Biophysics

Linsley, John

1977-84; PhD 1952; Origin and behavior of highest-energy cosmic rays by means of experimental and theoretical investigation of extensive air showers. Deceased September 22, 2002.


Lippincott, S.B.

1930-34; MS, Purdue University

Loomba, Dinesh

2002- ; PhD 1998, Boston University; Dark Matter Searches, Detector R&D for measuring Low Energy Ionization Tracks from Electrons/Nuclear Recoils

Mafi, Arash

2014-2023; PhD 2001, Ohio State University; Classical and Quantum Optics and Photonics

Magnussen, Carl

1902-03; PhD

Malloy, Kevin

2009-15; PhD 1984, Stanford; Semiconductors

Manjavacas, Alejandro

2015-2023; PhD 2013, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain; Theoretical Optics/Theoretical Nanophotonics

Martens, Frederick

1948-50; MS 1948, University of New Mexico. Electronics. Deceased October 6, 2012

Matthews, John

1991-; PhD 1971, University of Toronto; Experimental Particle Physics and Particle Astrophysics

McCarty, Lawrence Edward

1918-19; AM 1918, University of Texas

McGraw, John

1992-2018; PhD 1977, University of Texas Austin; Optical Astronomy, Stars and Optical Instrumentation

McIver, John

1984-2008; Chair 1997-2000; PhD 1979, University of Rochester; Interactions of Intense Laser Fields with Matter, Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Kinetics of Gas Dynamic Lasers

Miyake, Akimasa

2012- ; PhD 2004, University of Tokyo, Japan; Quantum Information, Quantum Computing and Quantum many-body Physics Theory

Nereson, Norris

1946-49; PhD 1943, Cornell University; Solid state physics and lasers, molecular spectroscopy. Deceased February 21, 2007

Panitz, John

1988-2004; PhD 1969, Penn State University; Experimental High Electric Field Phenomena The Atom Probe

Pelsor, Gene Thomas

1941-45; PhD 1941; Hydrodynamics, equation of state

Peterson, Alan W.

1967-84. PhD 1960, University of New Mexico; Zodiacal light photometry, thermal emission from interplanetary dust, infrared photometry, infrared airglow. Deceased June 6, 2009

Philip, A.G.Davis

1964-66; PhD 1964, Case Institute of Technology; Photometry, spectroscopy, galactic structure. Deceased March 28, 2016

Pihlström, Ylva

2005-; PhD 2001, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; Radio Astronomy including Interferometry Observing Techniques

Prasad, Sudhakar

1985-2018; PhD 1983, Harvard; Quantum Optics, Optical Imaging, Classical and Quantum Information Theory

Price, R. Marcus

1979-2005; Chair 1979 - 1985 and 2000 - 2002; PhD 1966, Australian National University; Radio Astronomy, Cosmology, Vacuum, Elementary Particle Genesis

Rand, Richard

1996-; Chair 2019-; PhD 1991, California Institute of Technology; Interstellar Medium in Nearby Galaxies

Ray, Ward

1917-18; AM 1910, University of Wisconsin

Regener, Victor

1946-57 and 1962-79; Chair 1947-57 and 1962-79; PhD 1938, Technische Hochschule Stuttgart, Germany; Atmospheric ozone, cosmic radiation, zodiacal light, balloon and satellite experiments, optical studies of pulsars, electronics. Deceased January 20, 2006

Rockwood, Robert Spencer

1920-33, PhD 1932, University of Michigan. Deceased November 23, 1932.


Rowe, Walter

1904-05; BS

Roy, Mousumi

2011-; PhD 1997, MIT; Geophysics, Earth Deformation, Fluid Flow in Crust and Mantle, Volcano Deformation and Structure

Rudolph, Wolfgang

1991-; Chair 2012-18; PhD 1985, Universität Jena, Germany; Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Lasers, Imaging

Runge, RichardJohn

1946-53; PhD 1952, University of New Mexico. Theoretical geophysics, electromagnetic theory. Deceased April 22, 2007

Scully, Marlan O.

1980-1992; PhD 1965, Yale University; Theoretical Quantum Optics

Seaton, Norman T.

1954-55; PhD 1956, University of California, Berkeley; Cosmic rays, instrumentation. Deceased April 2009

Seidel, Sally C.

1991-; PhD 1987, University of Michigan; Experimental Particle Physics

Shafi, Mohammad

1967-72; PhD 1963 Georgetown University; Structure of diatomic molecules, theoretical and computer modeling of the geomagnetic field, systems analysis.
Mansoor Sheik-Bahae

Sheik-Bahae, Mansoor

1994-2023; PhD 1987, SUNY Buffalo; Optical Science, Light-Matter Interactions, Laser Physics, and Ultrafast Phenomena. Deceased July 10, 2023

Skabelund, Donald E.

1957-64; PhD 1956, University of Utah. Magneto-hydrodynamic waves, quantification in medieval science. Deceased January 7, 2018

Snodgrass, HerschelRoy

1941-45, PhD 1953, University of California, Berkeley; Atmospheric electricity and optics, upper atmosphere instrumentation, meteorology, cosmic rays and solid state physics; superconductivity, geo-physical seismic prospecting. Deceased June 12, 1990

Street, Robert Elliott

1947-48; PhD 1939, Harvard University; Numerical fluid mechanics.

Suydam, Vernon

1913-14; PhD, Princeton University, 1913

Swinson, Derek Bertram

1965-95; PhD 1965, University of Alberta at Calgary; Cosmic Ray Physics using Underground Muon Telescopes. Deceased March 11, 2023

Taylor, Gregory

2005- ; PhD 1991, UCLA; Radio Astronomy and Associated Instrumentation

Thomas, James L.

2003- ; PhD 1991, Cornell; Microscopy and Modeling of Cell and Lipid Membranes

Thomas, Roy

1948-80; PhD 1942, University of California, Berkeley; Theoretical problems in atomic physics. Deceased March 18, 2005

Tinsley, Randolph W.

1896-98; University of Virginia

Wolfe, David

1971-2001; Chair 1991-1997; PhD 1966, University of Pennsylvania; Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics

Workman, EverlyJohn

1932-42, Head 33-46; PhD 1930, University of Virginia; Thunderstorms, atmospheric electricity and precipitation, mechanisms, instrumentation. Deceased 1982.

Zeilik, Michael

1975-2004; PhD 1975, Harvard; Astronomy and Astronomy Education. Deceased June 3, 2022.

Zimmer, William

1894-96; Ph.C.