PandA Common Core Course Numbers

Effective Fall 2019

Note: PHYC is now PHYS. Find out about this change here.

SubjectNumberSufLong TitleUNM


ASTR1115 Introduction to AstronomyASTR 101
ASTR1115LIntroduction to Astronomy Laboratory ASTR 101L
ASTR1996 Selected Topics  ASTR 109
ASTR2110 General Astronomy IASTR 270
ASTR2110LGeneral  Astronomy I LaboratoryASTR 270L
ASTR2115 General Astronomy IIASTR 271
ASTR2115LGeneral Astronomy II LaboratoryASTR 271L


PHYS1115 Survey of PhysicsPHYC 102
PHYS1115LSurvey of Physics LaboratoryPHYC 102L
PHYS2996 Selected Topics PHYC 103
PHYS1110 Physics and Society PHYC 105
PHYS1125 Physics of MusicPHYC 108
PHYS1125LPhysics of Music LaboratoryPHYC 108L
PHYS1120 Introduction to Applied PhysicsPHYC 110
PHYS1230 Algebra-Based Physics IPHYC 151
PHYS1230LAlgebra-Based Physics I LaboratoryPHYC 151L
PHYS1240 Algebra-Based Physics II PHYC 152
PHYS1240LAlgebra-Based Physics II LaboratoryPHYC 152L
PHYS1231 Problems in Algebra-Based Physics IPHYC 157
PHYS1241 Problems in Algebra-Based Physics IIPHYC 158
PHYS1310 Calculus-Based Physics I PHYC 160
PHYS1310LCalculus-Based Physics I LaboratoryPHYC 160L
PHYS1320 Calculus-Based Physics IIPHYC 161
PHYS1320LCalculus-Based Physics II LaboratoryPHYC 161L
PHYS1311 Problems in Calculus-Based Physics IPHYC 167
PHYS1321 Problems in Calculus-Based Physics IIPHYC 168
PHYS2310 Calculus-Based Physics IIIPHYC 262
PHYS2310LCalculus-Based Physics III LaboratoryPHYC 262L
PHYS2311 Problems in Calculus-Based Physics IIIPHYC 267
PHYS2415 Computational PhysicsPHYC 290