Masters Program

MS in Physics Requirements (as of Fall 2021)

To remain in good academic standing, a graduate student must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.0 in all courses taken for graduate credit after admission to a graduate degree program at the University of New Mexico.

Apply now1) Thesis and Non-Thesis Options

Plan I - Thesis Option:

Plan II - Non-Thesis Option:

  • 32 semester hours of graduate coursework in physics and mathematics must be taken. At least 4 of the 32 hours must be in graded problems or research courses (Physics 552 or 650). These requirements also apply to those graduate students in the PhD program who are seeking a "MS 'on the way' to PhD".
  • The 4 hours of 552 or 650 will serve as the Master’s Project for the Program of Studies.

2) Core Course Requirements

  • 466 Methods of Theoretical Physics I
  • 505 Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics
  • 511 Electrodynamics I
  • 521 Quantum Mechanics I

A grade of B- or above is required in each core course.

In order to graduate, a Program of Studies form must be submitted to GS by the following deadlines: March 1 for Summer graduation, July 1 for Fall graduation, October 1 for Spring graduation.

Master's students must maintain progress through the four core courses (466, 505, 511, and 521) at the following minimal rate:


End of Semester 1No requirement
End of Semester 2No requirement
End of Semester 31 core course completed
End of Semester 42 core courses completed
End of Semester 53 core courses completed
End of Semester 6all 4 core courses completed


Graduate Studies Completion Checklist and Deadlines

P&A Policy on Graduate Student Leaves of Absence

Graduate students wishing to take a leave of absence of a duration longer than 1 month during the academic term are required to notify the department's Academic Programs Coordinator in advance to request approval from the Graduate Committee. Failure to obtain advance written approval from the department may result in dismissal from the degree program. Approval of a leave of absence does not necessarily grant a postponement in the mandatory schedule for completion of the MS requirements. Students holding assistantships prior to beginning leaves of absence are not guaranteed assistantships upon their return to the academic program without prior approval from the Graduate Committee.