Undergraduate Program

Rigorous Programs for Many STEM Careers

The undergraduate degree programs we offer at the Department of Physics and Astronomy are nationally recognized for their rigor.

Our programs provide an extremely strong preparation, not only for graduate studies in physics, astronomy, or related fields, but also for rewarding careers in technological, medical, and engineering fields, and many others. You will be sought after by employers!

Faculty Involvement

We are dedicated to quality instruction and the department pays close attention to teaching. 

We also make it a priority to provide the guidance our students need to succeed via close, hands-on academic advisement by dedicated faculty.  In these ways, our faculty get to know our undergraduates well. 

Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

We conduct world-leading research in quantum information, optics, astrophysics, particle physics, biophysics, and other areas.  Opportunities to take part in this research, such as Sandia National Labs. 

We believe that our new building for Physics, Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science (PAIS), by providing a state-of-the-art facility with state-of-the-art classrooms, teaching labs, and research facilities, will greatly enhance the quality of the undergraduate experience in the department.

Building a foundation for success

Students who succeed in our programs often move on to the best graduate programs in the country, and many have achieved faculty positions at top research universities.

Degree Programs

The Department offers the following degree programs to meet a range of student career goals.