Mousumi Roy


Regents' Lecturer

Photo: Mousumi Roy
PAIS 2558
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997

Research Area/s:


Research Interests:

  • Geophysics and fluid flow as it relates to plate tectonics. Geodynamic modeling of deformation at plate boundaries and within plate interiors. What can we learn about lithospheric evolution, structure, and rheology from modeling deformation patterns observed at the earth's surface, for example, from geologic and geodetic studies? How does localized deformation, such as in narrow fault zones, interact with more broadly distributed crustal deformation, e.g. ductile squishing? How does strain accumulation over the earthquake cycle relate to long-term, geologic deformation? What are the implications of laboratory-derived constitutive relations for models of rock deformation? Most recently, I have been working on how molten aggregates deform and their influence on plate tectonics.