Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Failing to attend a class is not the same as dropping or withdrawing from a course without charge or a negative grade! See your advisor!

When should I be advised for the upcoming semester?

Majors will find advisement holds on their accounts before registration starts. Majors should make an appointment to be advised by mid-December for the Spring and Summer semesters, and no later than the second week of August for the Fall semester.  If you don't already have a faculty advisor, please contact the Undergraduate Committee Chair, Prof. Allahverdi.

Who is my faculty advisor?

If you are a declared Physics/Astrophysics major, find your advisor here.

How do I calculate my Grade Point Average (GPA)?

First, convert the letter grade to grade points: A=4; B=3; C=2; D=1; F=0. For each course you have completed, multiply the grade earned (grade points) by the number of credit hours attained for the corresponding course (e.g., an 'A' earned for a 3 credit hour course = 4 X 3, or 12 grade points). The GPA is calculated by dividing the sum of the grade points by the total number of credit hours.

What if I repeat a course?

A student may repeat any course, but will receive credit only once (this does not apply to courses with the notation, "may be repeated more than once"). Each attempt and all grades are computed in the student's GPA and will be recorded on the transcript. There exists a Grade Replacement Policy option for which only undergraduate students are eligible, and only under the proscribed conditions noted in the UNM Student Catalog; please read the full Policy description and check with an advisor to determine if your situation meets the criteria.

I am on academic probation. How many credit hours may I register for this coming semester?

Raising your GPA should be a priority, so students who are on academic probation are required to meet with an academic advisor prior to registration. Depending upon the circumstances, discussion and recommendations may involve enrollment in only one or two courses (part- and half-time students), and no more than 12 semester hours (full-time students) each semester until academic 'good standing' is restored.