PhD in Physics With Concentration in Quantum Information Science

We offer the PhD degree in Physics with a Concentration in Quantum Information Science (QIS).  

To earn the degree a student follows the same sequence of core courses as the standard PhD in Physics, but different elective requirements.

It requires a minimum of 48 semester hours of graduate work exclusive of dissertation.  These hours must include: 

  • PHYS 466, 505, 511, 521, 522
  • "Introduction to Quantum Information Science" (Special Topics: PHYS 480/581 and ECE 595).
  • Two elective courses chosen from:
    • PHYS 566 (Quantum Optics)
    • 571 (Quantum Computation)
    • 572 (Quantum Information Theory)
    • 581 (Special Topics, Quantum Optics II)
    • ECE 595 (Special topics:  Quantum Error Correction)
    • ECE 595 (Special topics:  Quantum Communication)
    • CHE 471/587 (Special Topics: QC2: Quantum Computing for Quantum Chemistry)
  • One additional approved elective from the list approved for the PhD in Physics or from the above listed electives