Graduate Program

The PhD program at the UNM Department of Physics and Astronomy offers students the opportunity to do theoretical and experimental research across a full range of subdisciplines. We have 28 regular faculty members in the Physics and Astronomy as well as in the Optical Science and Engineering Graduate Programs, another several dozen research, adjunct and part-time faculty members, a dozen postdoctoral research associates, and well over 100 undergraduate majors and over 100 graduate students. The department is located in the Physics and Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science (PAIS) center.

The department houses several research centers including the New Mexico Center for Particle Physics, the Center for Quantum Information and Control, and the Center for Astrophysical Research and Technology. Many of our students also form research collaborations with the Optical Science and Engineering Graduate Program and the Center for High Technology Materials, as well as neighboring laboratories such as Sandia National Laboratories, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.