Services provided by our Physics and Astronomy Operations Team

In alphabetical order by service type:

Chemical Safety, maintenance, documentation, monitoring, securing, recommending, locating

General low level maintenance and repairs

General repairs, hanging of pictures, chalkboards, bulletin boards, etc..

HARDWARE: I have lots of HARDWARE such as bolts, nuts, washers, screws (machine, wood, sheet metal, lag), and clamps. If you are considering purchasing things like this, and only need a few, please contact me and see if I might have what you need without your having to take the time to go shopping for them. It will also help me clean out a lot of small unused items from my stock.

Inventory control, tagging of items, tracking, and documentation of all incoming, outgoing, and loaned items and equipment.

KEYS: Issuing, recording, tracking, receiving of keys to all department resources from buildings to padlocks

Maintenance of the main building # 114 at Yale and Redondo, the Campus Observatory building # 208, the department Warehouse, and their associated grounds, structures, and trailers. This includes all facets of maintenance to include heating/air conditioning systems, plumbing, lighting, structural, telephone, computer network wiring, access, and grounds services.

Packaging, shipping, and documentation of items to be shipped out of the department through our services

PPD (Physical Plant Department) services: See the PPD Service Guide now available in my office. It covers services, areas of campus, maps of areas and the like. Some items covered in the manuals are: Becoming familiar with your area, Campus Police and PPD, work requests, customer follow-ups, schedules of regularly performed services, Alarms, trees, automotive, building maintenance, custodial, emergencies, estimates, grounds services, keys, moving, pest management, remodeling, sign shop, special activities, telecommunication services, campus operators, utilities, work control, phone number contact points, and a map of the various PPD service area Zones.

Purchasing and installation of office, door, and personnel name tags and signs

Radioactive Materials, purchase assisting and directing, storage, tracking, monitoring, safety

Receiving of all incoming items and processing of all UNM or Department purchased items

Vehicle loaning and scheduling, maintenance, storing, monitoring, tracking, supervising