Policy for Shipping of packages

Currently there is little or no policy for the shipping of packages. We will be creating a policy and have personnel available to assist you in packaging and shipping your materials as soon as possible.

Steve Portillo or any of our helpers will be glad to assist you with both packaging and getting your items shipped with and for you, but please contact Chris Moroney by email ONLY with your request. We will schedule each project on a first-come-first-served basis, and will require your labor as well until time permits a change in this policy.

All the Operations personnel have explicit instructions to NOT accept any requests directly themselves. Please help us to help you, by scheduling your request through Chris first.

If we assist you, we will try to take care of all documentation for you, and we will certainly log all shipments and keep records of them for future referrence. Thank you.

In the meantime, our help will consist of the following:

Steve and/or Chris's helpers will assist:

  • Locate/purchase/acquire packaging materials
  • Building of crates, boxes, supporting structures for equipment
  • Packaging for protection from load shift, penetration, & shock, as much as possible
  • Instruct you on what documentation is required
  • Locate a carrier, and get shipping costs for you.
  • Contact carrier for pick-up when ready

Your responsibilities:

  • Assist with all physical labor required for moving, lifting of item(s), before, during, and after packaging.
  • Supply all account numbers needed for supplies purchases and shipping fees
  • Supply all completed documentation needed (TYPED, OR COMPUTER PRINTED)
  • Assist with any phone calls for locating of supplies or equipment, or otherwise needed for the shipment of the equipment.
  • Assist with all construction of packaging/crates under Steve's supervision