Custodial Services

To report any lack of services please contact Chris Moroney as the designated "Single Point of Contact" between Physics and Astronomy and PPD Custodial Services. He will not only report your problem(s), but will also attempt to follow-up on them if you let him know in a reasonable length of time that nothing was done, or that the request was not satisfactorily completed.

For all lab or office paper towel holders that are empty, please contact Chris Moroney and let him know your room number, which holder (if your room has more than one), and whether it is the metal type holder (with crank), the new plastic holder (with lever handle), or the foldable towels holder (pull on each separate towel to get paper).

For all public area (Restrooms, Kitchenettes, etc.) paper towel holders call 7-1814 and give them the room number, and which holder (if your room has more than one) is empty. If they do not respond within 24 hours, email Chris Moroney the date and time you called them, and he will follow up with them from there.

Access to Custodial closets and EMERGENCIES: All Custodial Closets have been re-keyed to remove all PandA personnel access to them. Steve Portillo has a mop and bucket in room 163 for emergency water clean-up. For more serious emergency clean-ups please call 277-1814, explain the emergency and the need, then call Chris Moroney and let him know what the emergency is and what their response will be, and then email Chris Moroney with all the details, for later follow up, and so that he might perform any local needed service to your request while waiting for Custodial to arrive.

For all other problems, questions, or needs, please contact Chris Moroney first.