Non-Inventoried Equipment Procedures

All items not bearing a UNM tag with a number, but which were purchased by the department, the university, or by any agency (DOE, Sandia Labs, LANL, NSF, etc.) through funds deposited with the university, are the responsibility of The University of New Mexico and the State of New Mexico, for tracking purposes, and all laws and rules regarding State Property prevail.

Although we track some of these items within the department, anyway (Computers, monitors, other "high-theft" items) on an annual or other basis, all of these items are as much State property as the tagged items, and are not to be removed from the campus, used for personal use, modified, cannibalized, trashed, or destroyed, any more than items with tags without notifying the proper authorities and inventory personnel.

Any of these items taken off campus must also have a standard property "Check-out" form filled out, turned in to the department and the proper auditing authorities, and updated every year.

"Check-out's" may only be used by current, active, Faculty or Staff employees of the university.