Parking and Vehicles

Parking at PAÍS and Regener

Between the hours of Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. there is no free parking on the UNM campus. You can park in the Cornell parking structure east of the Physics and Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science building. For rates, please visit Parking and Transportation

University Vehicles

ALL VEHICLES REQUIRE A SPECIAL STATE OF NEW MEXICO OPERATORS PERMIT AS WELL AS YOUR REGULAR STATE OF NEW MEXICO DRIVERS LICENSE. To obtain this permit you must sign up, take, and complete, the Defensive Driving Class at UNM or an acceptable equivalent.

Signing out a UNM vehicle

All department vehicles must be signed out from our Facilities Service Tech. You must sign out and sign in on the clipboard in this office. You must also fill out the black book for each vehicle with mileages at the start and end of your use. Please request your use of the vehicle by as much time as possible to avoid conflicts of needs.

You must provide the Facilities Services Tech, Steve Portillo, or Christopher Moroney, with your driving permit on every occasion of use, since we are responsible for your having your permit with you every time you use one of our vehicles. No exceptions!