Electrical Safety

Wherever there is an electrical panel (circuit breakers or fuses), disconnect switch, or electrical box/panel with a hinged or removable cover, there is to be left a 2' wide x 3' deep, clear area, from floor-to-ceiling in front of the device. No tables, chairs or any other item to be placed in the area whether moveable or not.

There are to be no extension cords used for other than temporary service (a maximum of 90 days), nor shall there be any serially connected extension cords for any length of time. No extension cords are allowed across doorways, hallways, or any floors in a pathway of human travel (tripping hazards).

There are to be no plug strips, whether circuit protected or surge protected used at the end of any extension cord, or another plug strip. These may only be plugged directly into a wall or floor outlet.

There are to be no old surge protectors in use. Old is considered to be anything over 7 years old. They must be replaced after this length of time.

There are to be no space heaters unless they are equipped with a safety tip-over switch.

All wiring should be in enclosed sheathing, conduit, or boxes designed for their particular use, and properly taped or having wirenuts applied to connections.

Multiple extension cords may not be used in series with or without taped over connections.