Equipment Assembly Numbers Assigned

Please note that the number assigned to your project must be supplied to the office staff person who will be typing the PO, PR, processing a Petty Cash Order, or making a P-Card purchase for every order placed for materials which will be applied to the construction of the final piece of equipment listed below. Without that information added to the documentation, we cannot track all of the costs associated with the piece of equipment when it is completed.

Also note, when a piece of equipment is completed, Chris Moroney will need to be notified so he can contact Tax and Property Accounting to get a UNM Property Tag for the final unit. He also needs access to the equipment so he can place the tag on it. (Note: All of the items listed below without a UNM Tag # are assumed to be still under construction, and not yet completed. Please notify Chris if this is not correct for your piece of equipment.)

You may use a number (the next one) after this list if you need a new number, but please note that someone else may use the same number if Chris is not notified immediately of your taking that number. Notify Chris of your use of the number by email, giving him the number, your name, the title of your project, and the estimated final cost of the unit. As soon as he updates the list, you will see your new one added.

Assy # Date Issued Principal Investigator Title UNM Tag # Fab Greater Than $5000 Fabrication Control  #
1   PanitzSTM Imaging System207309    
2   DieterlePhototube Assembly     
3   DieterleLight Source Assembly     
4   DielsMQW Laser     
5   DielsFemtosecond Laser (Sofia)     
6   McGrawCCD Controller214412    
7   RudolphFemtosecond Oscillator224828    
8   CahillBeowulf230887    
9   BoydCryostat     
10   FieldsPhenix     
11   MatthewsHEP Disk Backup System     
12   MatthewsHEP Server     
13   MatthewsLow Power Pulsed Light Source     
14   SeidelPentium PC     
15   MatthewsPentium PC Igor     
16   MatthewsAuger Pulse Optical Calibration System 1/5     
17   MatthewsAuger Pulse Optical Calibration System 2/5     
18   MatthewsAuger Pulse Optical Calibration System 3/5     
19   MatthewsAuger Pulse Optical Calibration System 4/5N00012492    
20   MatthewsAuger Pulse Optical Calibration System 5/5     
21   SeidelAtlas Clean Room     
22   MatthewsHorizontal Attenuation Length Monitor     
23   MatthewsLaserscope     
24   MatthewsOptical Energy Measurement SystemN00017247    
25   MatthewsSpectral Wavelength Measurement System     
26   MatthewsHiRes Xenon Flash Tube Optical Calibrations System     
27   MatthewsAuger Local Aerosol Phase Function Monitor, Part 1 of 2     
28   DuncanSpace Flight-Like Prototype Data Acquisition System     
29   DuncanDynamx 10" Cryostat     
30   Sheik-BahaeCryostat/Bolometer     
31   Sheik-BahaeLaser Refrigerator258654    
32   Sheik-BahaeNear Field Scanning Optical Microscope (NSOM)258539    
33   BoydDetector Test AssemblyN00007812    
34   MatthewsDell Particle Astrophysics Server     
35   GoldCDFII server A1     
36   GoldCDFII server A2     
37   GoldCDFII server B1     
38   GoldCDFII server B2     
39   GoldCDFII workstation     
40   MatthewsAuger Data1 Workstation     
41   BoydCrystal-Growing FacilityN00007813    
42   Sheik-BahaeOptical Parametric Oscillator - 0P01     
43   BoydSuperconducting Magnet Coil WinderN00007814    
44   MatthewsAuger Local Aerosol Phase Function Monitor, Part 2 of 2     
45   MatthewsParticle astrophysics analysis clusterN00018668    
46   Rudolph/LiuFemtosecond Optical Parametric Oscillator     
47   S. BoydPulse-Tube Refrigerator CryostatN00007782    
48   J. McGrawCTI II TelescopeN00008241    
49   D. LoombaDRIFT R&D DetectorN00016697    
50   J. McGrawGraham Flint TelescopeN00024391    
51   John McGrawMcDonald DIMM Tower # 1     
52   John McGrawMcDonald DIMM Tower # 2     
53   John McGrawMcDonald Microthermal Tower # 1N00004363    
54   John McGrawMcDonald Microthermal Tower # 2     
55   John McGrawDIMM Telescope # 1 NESSI (2R44V)     
56   John McGrawDIMM Telescope # 2 NESSI (2R44V)     
57   J. C. DielsLong pulse alexandrite laser system N00008240    
58   J. MatthewsAuger Central Laser FacilityN00008242    
59   J. MatthewsAuger backscattered LIDAR facility     
60   JMUHV Vacuum System for Laser CoolingN00012158    
61   JMStabilized Diode Laser System for Atom TrappingN00012159    
62   John McGrawMcDonald Observatory Weather StationN00016827    
63   J. C. DielsBeam steering and combining assemblyN00015719    
64   J. C. DielsPlasma Interferometer     
65   M. Sheik-Bahae25 Femtosecond Laser     
66   JMNear IR Tapered-Fiber Amplified Diode Laser SystemN00015707    
67   JMMagnetically Isolated Cs Vapor PolarimeterN00012491    
68   JMNIR Frequency Doubling Enhancement CavityN00016828    
69   JMHigh Finesse Fabry-Perot Cavity for cold atom QEDN00016829    
70   J. C. Diels600kV High Voltage Discharge SystemN00007740    
71   Stephen BoydArc-Melt FurnaceN00016831    
72   Mark MeroFrequency ConverterN00015861    
73   John McGrawSpectrophotometerN00016830    
74   John MatthewsXLF (replacement) Laser FacilityN00024394    
75   John MatthewsCassette-One for miniCLEANN00017991    
76   W. RudolphNanosecond Optical Parametric Oscillator N00016851    
77   Steve BoydSputtering System N00017036    
78 07/30/08 John MatthewsNorthern Auger R & D Array (RDA) system N00017205 Yes  
79 08/11/08 W. Rudolph Infrared Spectrometer N00017992 Yes  
80 09/29/08 W.RudolphOPO pump source and diagnostics N00021505 Yes  
81 12/12/08 John McGrawTen Inch Astrometric Observatory N00019273 Yes  
82 12/12/08 John McGraw mCTI Observatory N00021518 Yes  
83 01/15/09 Stephen BoydComputational Electromagnetics Server N00019877 Yes  
84 02/19/09 Stephen BoydVibration-Isolated PTR/ADR Cryostat N00024392 Yes  
85 04/16/09 John MatthewsHAWC Optical Calibration System N00026651 Yes  
86 08/18/09 M. Sheik-BahaeFemtosecond Optical Parametric Amplifier N00024393 Yes  
87 01/14/10 Doug FieldsPHENIX fVTX Detector N00028562 Yes  
88 06/18/10 M. Sheik-BahaeHigh Power Laser System for Optical Refrigeration N00037255 Yes  
89 06/29/10 Sally SeidelATLAS HVPP4 Current Measurement System N00028917 Yes  
90 07/16/10 Dinesh LoombaDRIFT IIc (at Occidental College) N00027819 Yes  
91 07/16/10 Dinesh LoombaDRIFT IId (at UK in the Boulby Mine) N00027820 Yes  
92 08/18/10 Sally SeidelSilicon Measurement System N00028918 Yes  
93 04/18/11 Dinesh Loomba DRIFT R&D Detector 2 N00034044 Yes  
94 06/17/11 M. Sheik-Bahae Microjoule Active Cavity-dumped Ultrafast Laser/Amplifier (MACULA) N00033642 Yes  
95 06/17/11 M. Sheik-Bahae Fast Optical Noncontact Thermometer (FONT)   Cost is not yet known
96 06/17/11 M. Sheik-Bahae Coupled-Cavity Photo-Acoustic Spectrometer
N00036469 Yes  
97 07/21/11 John McGraw Astronomical Extinction Spectrophotometer (AESoP) N00036479 Yes  
98 07/21/11 John McGraw Facility Lidar Atmospheric Monitor of Extinction ( FLAME) N00032644

99 08/24/11 Paul Schwoebel Voltage Pulsing System

N00024665 Yes  
100 10/28/11 W. Rudolph Photothermal Microscope
101 01/23/12 M. Sheik-Bahae Laser Source for Power-Dependent Photoluminescence Measurement   No  
102 01/31/12 Greg Taylor LWA1 Station Electronics N00036487 Yes  
103 02/01/12 Greg Taylor LWA2 Station Electronics N00043610

104 02/21/12 M. Sheik-Bahae Terahertz Imaging Spectrometer N00036494 Yes  
105 02/22/12 M. Sheik-Bahae Diode-pumped Interactivity Solid-state Cryocooler (DISC)
N00036504 Yes  
106 03/09/12 Greg Taylor LWA Transfer Center N00036515 Yes  
107 03/22/12 Bernd Bassalleck J-PARC Particle Detector (Japan) N00037447 Yes  
108 05/14/12 Greg Taylor NRAO Drive Module N00036905 Yes  
109 06/05/12 Sally Seidel Dosimetry Station N00038561
110 06/14/12 Greg Taylor LWA Data Archive N00037439
Yes FAB23-707-2
111 06/29/12 Greg Taylor LEDA Front-End N00038560
112 07/16/12 Steve Boyd Inert Gas Induction Furnace Assembly N00040487 Yes  
113 08/09/12 Greg Taylor LWA Cluster Node 1 N00038670
114 08/09/12 Greg Taylor LWA Cluster Node 2 N00038671
115 08/09/12 Greg Taylor LWA Cluster Node 3 N00038672
116 08/24/12 M. Sheik-Bahae Mode-locked Optically Pumped
Semiconductor (MOPS)
N00044417 Yes  
117 12/17/12 Michael Gold Acrylic Light Guides for MiniClean N00039747
118 02/01/13 Steve Boyd Cryogenic Spectrophotometer N00044418 Yes  
119 02/04/13 W. Rudolph Thermal Imaging Microscope N00044509 Yes  
120 05/09/13 Greg Taylor LEDA Cabling System N00043144 Yes  
121 06/19/13 Greg Taylor Prototype Low Frequency Antenna Array N00041839 Yes  
122 02/11/14 Dinesh Loomba DRIFT-IIe Dark Matter Detector (UK)   Yes  
123 02/11/14 Dinesh Loomba DRIFT R&D Cylindrical Detector
  Yes FAB17-707-4
124 10/16/14 Greg Taylor LWA-SV Station Electronics
N00049903 Yes  
125 10/22/14 M. Sheik-Bahae Thermal Imager System N00049899 Yes  
126 03/19/15 M. Sheik-Bahae Mid-IR  CW-OPO N00062514 Yes FAB17-707-2
127 06/10/15 M. Sheik-Bahae EQE  Analyzer  N00052568  Yes  
128 06/15/15 M. Sheik-Bahae Semiconductor Disc Laser (SDL)   Yes FAB17-707-6
129 06/29/15 Greg Taylor MJP dipoles for VLA N00056312 Yes  
130 03/04/16 Elohim Becerra Monolithic Narrow-Band Optical Filter Ssystem N00057124 Yes  
131 06/07/16 Elohim Becerra UH Vacuum System for Laser Cooling and Trapping N00059517 Yes  
132 06/14/16 Elohim Becerra Imaging and Laser-Beam Characterization System N00057281 Yes  
133 09/16/16 Sally Seidel Irradiation Station   Yes FAB17-707-7
  03/28/19 M. Sheik-Bahae Laser   No FAB17-707-1
134 04/07/17 M. Sheik-Bahae Yb-based radiation balanced lasers   Yes FAB17-707-5
135 04/07/17 M. Sheik-Bahae Ho-based radiation balanced lasers   Yes  
136 05/10/17 Steve Boyd Exchange-Gas Cryostat Vibration Isolator   Yes FAB18-707-8
137 05/11/17 Elohim Becerra Nonlinear crystal system for frequency conversion   Yes FAB17-707-3
138 11/16/18 Dinesh Loomba Tilted-GEM R&D detector      
139 12/04/18 M. Sheik-Bahae Mid-IR fiber amplifier      
140 02/26/19 M. Sheik-Bahae Optical Refrigerator   Yes  
141 06/02/20 M. Sheik-Bahae Sodium Guidestar VECSEL   Yes  
142 03/24/21 M. Sheik-Bahae Optical cryocooler prototype II Mid-IR CW-OPO   Yes  
143 05/30/22v Greg Taylor LWA-NA Station Electronics   Yes


144 08/11/21 Dinesh Loomba R&D prototype detector I for the Migdal project   No FAB21-707-3
  12/14/21 Mansoor Sheik-Bahae Diode Laser   Yes FAB19-707-1
  08/16/20 Darcy Barron Refrigeration System   Yes FAB19-707-2
148 07/07/22 Greg Taylor EPIC imager   Yes FAB23-707-1
149 11/08/22 Elohim Becerra Inversion Interferometer for Super resolution Imagin   Yes FAB23-707-3
150 01/10/23 Dinesh Loomba R&D high resolution 2D strip readout detector for Migdal   Yes FAB23-707-4
151 07/21/23 Elohim Becerra Coming soon      
152 07/24/23 Greg Taylor LWA1 Technology Upgrades  


153 07/24/23 Greg Taylor LWA-SV Technology Upgrades   Yes FAB24-707-2
154 01/18/24 Stephen Boyd EAGER: CRYO: Actively‐Controlled Fast‐Switching Thermal Switch for Sub‐Kelvin Cooling with Low He3 Usage   Yes FAB24-707-3
155 01/18/24 Stephen Boyd

EAGER: CRYO: Actively‐Controlled Fast‐Switching Thermal Switch for Sub‐Kelvin Cooling with Low He3 Usage

  Yes FAB24-707-4
156 02/12/24 Alexander Albrecht High Brightness Sodium Laser Guide Stars, Phase II   Yes FAB24-707-5