Building Maintenance Issues

If you have a building maintenance problem, please contact one of the following in the order listed, either by phone, email, personal contact, or a written note:

  • Gary Harrison (email is the preferred method using
  • Steve Portillo (email is the preferred method using
  • Gary's work study students, in Room 163 (277-8671)
  • Physical Plant dispatchers:
    • Lock items 7-1600
    • Other building items 7-3391
    • After hours or on weekends call the Campus Police at 277-2241 and they will contact the Emergency PPD Supervisor

If you cannot reach Gary, Steve, or their student helpers, and have to call any of the above 3 numbers, please notify Gary or Steve that you have called in a problem, so that they can follow-up and make sure the repair gets completed.

Please read this memo to the general public of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. It contains important information on getting repairs ordered, completed, and follow-ups to verify the work.

Important: If you have any equipment malfunctioning of any kind, (phones, water, lighting, desk drawers, doors, windows, or anything else) please notify either the Facility Services Tech (277-8671) or Gary Harrison. We cannot get it fixed, if we don't know it's broken.

Important: If you report any item malfunctioning to anyone other than Gary Harrison, please send Gary an e-mail so that we can follow-up on it and verify that action has been, or will be, taken to make the repairs. In the e-mail let him know what you reported, when you reported it, who you reported it to, and what you were told.

Who to call:

  • Locks, keys sticking or hard to operate call the Facility Services Tech or Gary's Helpers at 7-8671
  • Locks, key broken off PPD Dispatcher 7-3391 and PPD Lock Shop 7-1062

Note: You cannot get your key replaced later without the $25.00 lost key fee, if you do not have both Pieces of the key. Be sure you wait for the lock shop to come and extract your broken off piece so they can return it to you, or that they have your name to apply credit for the piece to you. Notify Gary, also, as sometimes he can extract your broken piece from the lock if it hasn't been pushed into the lock by someone else's attempt to use their key.

For all other building and grounds maintenance and custodial services, contact Gary and he will forward your job to PPD and will follow up on it as best as he can to see that it gets completed. If you do not see any attempts or progress toward completion within a day or two, please notify Gary so he might follow up on the job. If he is not available, and his assistant the Facility Services Tech (7-8671) cannot help you, call the PPD Dispatcher at 7-3391 and then send Gary an e-mail that you have done so. Include the information from the important section above, so that he can follow up upon his return.