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  • Jul 28: Summer Semester ends
  • Aug 20: Fall Semester begins
  • Oct 11–Oct 12: Fall Break
  • Dec 15: Fall Semester ends
  • Jan 14: Spring Semester begins
  • Mar 10–Mar 16: Spring Break
  • May 11: Spring Semester ends
  • Jun 3: Summer Semester begins

Chair: Wolfgang Rudolph

An undergraduate education in physics provides a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning in a variety of disciplines, including science, engineering, math, finance, education, law, and medicine. Find out more.

Graduate - Physics
Graduate - Optical Science and Engineering
News from the Chair

First REU Participants

2018 REU Cohort
Ready for a summer of research

Eight undergraduates are here for the National Science Foundation-sponsored Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program in the Physics and Astronomy Department at UNM. This is the first year of our ten-week REU program. Find out more about the group and who they are working with.

News from the Chair

Study Physics and Astronomy at UNM this summer!

Summer Immersion

Take a cool course for credit starting Monday, June 4. Physics Immersion (PHYC 151) offers an entire year of physics in an intensive two-month format. Browse our undergraduate and graduate offerings.


Upcoming Events


Fri 8/24, 3:30PM in Room 125, Dr. Daniel Kasen,

Other Events:

Thu 6/21, 12:30PM in TBD, Theoretical Nanophotonics Group, Light & Colors: Simulating the Optical Properties of Nanoparticles

Fri 7/13, 8:00PM in Very Large Array, Dr. Patricia A. Henning, Capturing Phenomena in the Cosmos: Tour the Very Large Array


Physics & Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science building

A digital rendering of what the Physics & Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science center will look like

New center north of Yale and Central will foster collaboration between disciplines

The groundbreaking ceremony was held March 2018. The facility will be completed by 2019.


Interactive Astronomy Apps

Javascript apps

9 Educational Apps

Written by Kevin Dilts for the Astro 101 Lab, these free interactive javascript apps illustrate common astronomy concepts. Enjoy!

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