Upcoming Dates
  • May 13: Spring Semester ends
  • May 13: Graduation
  • May 29: Memorial Day
  • Jun 5: Summer Semester begins
  • Jul 29: Summer Semester ends
  • Aug 21: Fall Semester begins
  • Oct 12–Oct 13: Fall Break
  • Dec 16: Fall Semester ends
News from the Chair Greg Ottin

Greg Ottino Wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Undergraduate student Greg Ottino won one of the very competitive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships with his proposal "Novel Machine Learning Techniques for Model Independent, Beyond the Standard Model WW Scattering". Greg will use the award to pursue a Ph.D. degree in high-energy physics. He is still deciding where.

Research Highlights

Manjavacas and team discover strange forces acting on nanoparticles

Strange Nanoscale Actions

Alejandro Manjavacas and a team of researchers published an article in Physical Review Letters on the forces which act on nanoscale levels in mysterious ways. See the UNM News article. There is another take on it in the Daily Lobo.


Upcoming Events


Fri 4/28, 4:00PM in Room 125, Prof. Jun Ye, Atomic Clocks and Quantum Matter

Other Events:

Tue 4/25, 2:00PM in Room 190, Emil Mottola (LANL), Surface Tension and Negative Pressure Interior of a Non-Singular `Black Hole'

Tue 5/2, 2:00PM in Room 190, Neil McFadden (UNM), TBA


Physics & Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science center

A digital rendering of what the future Physics & Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science center may look like

A new facility will help UNM researchers and students change the world

New Mexicans approved a General Obligation Bond C package. The facility could be completed by 2019


Interactive Astronomy Apps

Javascript apps

9 Educational Apps

Written by Kevin Dilts for the Astro 101 Lab, these free interactive javascript apps illustrate common astronomy concepts. Enjoy!

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