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Research Highlights

Professor Trish Henning Part of International Team That Discovered Hidden Galaxies
Dr. Trish Henning
Hundreds of hidden nearby galaxies have been studied for the first time, shedding light on a mysterious gravitational anomaly dubbed the Great Attractor.

University of New Mexico Physics and Astronomy Professor Trish Henning played a critical role in the mapping and discovery of hidden galaxies behind our Milky Way. Henning was responsible for examining over a thousand candidate signals provided by other researchers, and determined which signals were new galaxies and which ones were not.

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Upcoming Events



Fri 2/19, 4:00PM in Room 125, Maura McLaughlin, A Galactic Scale Gravitational Wave Observatory

Other Events

Mon 2/15, 1:30PM in Room 190, Professor Kevin Cahill, The vacuum spontaneously breaks parity

Thu 2/18, 5:00PM in Room G, Mark Serreze, The new Arctic