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  • Jul 29: Summer Semester ends
  • Aug 21: Fall Semester begins
  • Oct 12–Oct 13: Fall Break
  • Dec 16: Fall Semester ends
  • Jan 15: Spring Semester begins
  • Mar 11–Mar 17: Spring Break
  • May 12: Spring Semester ends
  • Jun 4: Summer Semester begins
News from the Chair

Dinesh Loomba Promoted to Professor

Dinesh LoombaCongratulations to our colleague Dinesh Loomba on his promotion to full professor.

Dr. Loomba joined the UNM faculty in 2002. His areas of research include: Extragalactic Astronomy, Particle Astrophysics, and Dark Matter

News from the Chair

Dr. Elohim Becerra Wins NSF Career Award

Elohim BecerraDr. Elohim Becerra has been awarded the prestigious NSF Career award for his project titled "Quantum Measurements for Optical Communications". Dr. Becerra's work aims to investigate non-conventional measurements for coherent states of light, such as laser light, to maximize the measurement sensitivity and enhance information transfer in communication, and develop methods to overcome noise and loss of realistic communication channels. See the award announcement.


Upcoming Events


Fri 8/25, 3:30PM in Room 125, Robert Ward Australian National University, TBA

Other Events:

Wed 7/5, 3:00PM in Room 190, Juan Pablo Paz, Fundamental limit for cooling of driven quantum systems

Thu 8/3, 3:30PM in Room 190, Pablo Poggi, TBA


Physics & Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science center

A digital rendering of what the future Physics & Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science center may look like

A new facility will help UNM researchers and students change the world

New Mexicans approved a General Obligation Bond C package. The facility could be completed by 2019


Interactive Astronomy Apps

Javascript apps

9 Educational Apps

Written by Kevin Dilts for the Astro 101 Lab, these free interactive javascript apps illustrate common astronomy concepts. Enjoy!

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