Upcoming Dates
  • Nov 27–Nov 28: Thanksgiving
  • Dec 13: Winter Break
  • Dec 19: Convocation
  • Dec 20: Fall Semester Ends
  • Jan 8: Electricity & Magnetism Prelim Exam, 9 am - noon
  • Jan 8: Thermo/Statistical Mechanics Prelim Exam, 2-5 pm
  • Jan 9: Quantum Mech. Prelim Exam, 9 am - noon
  • Jan 9: Classical Mech. Prelim Exam, 2-5 pm
News from the Chair

New particle discovered at the LHCUNM/LHC discovery is a Physical Review Letters "highlight"

"Observation of an Excited B±c Meson State with the ATLAS Detector" chosen as exclusive Physical Review Letters Editor's Suggestion

The ATLAS Collaboration has observed a new excited state of the B±c meson at 6842 MeV by reconstructing its decay. The mass and decay are consistent with QCD predictions for this excited state.

Read more or See the article here


Upcoming Events


Fri 1/16, 4:00PM in Room 125, Steve Girvin, Taming the World's Largest Schrödinger Cat

Other Events:

Tue 11/25, 2:00PM in Room 190, David Amdahl (UNM), Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulations

Tue 12/2, 2:00PM in Room 190, Sajad Abbar (UNM), TBA