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  • May 8: Graduate Commencement
  • May 9: Undergraduate Commencement
  • May 9: Spring Session Ends
  • May 25: Memorial Day
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News from the Chair

Dr. Seidel Wins Fulbright Senior Scholar Award
Sally Seidel
Sally Seidel has been selected for a 2015-2016 U.S. Fulbright Scholar grant to Sri Lanka. During her residence at the University of Colombo, she will teach graduate and undergraduate physics, consult on curriculum and contemporary teaching techniques, and develop a book on related topics.

Learn more about Dr. Seidel.

News from the Chair

Mark Morgan-Tracy Wins UNM Lecturer of the Year Award
Mark Morgan-Tracy
Congratulations to Mark Morgan-Tracy (again). After his promotion last week we just learned that he also won UNM's Lecturer of the Year Award. Well deserved, Mark.

Read the article.

News from the Chair

Greg Ottino Awarded Goldwater Scholarship

Greg OttinoSophomore physics major Greg Ottino has been selected as one of four New Mexico recipients of the 2015 Goldwater Scholarship. He is the first UNM student to receive the scholarship since 2009.

The Goldwater Scholarship is a merit award set up by Congress in 1986 in honor of the late Senator Barry M. Goldwater. Available to science, math, or engineering undergraduate majors, the Goldwater provides up to $7,500 for each of the remaining years of study.

Greg's career goal is to achieve a PhD in Physics with an emphasis on experimental high energy and nuclear physics, and afterwards conduct research as a university faculty member.

Congratulations Greg! Read the article here

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Upcoming Events


Fri 4/24, 4:00PM in Room 125, Gregg Hallinan, TBA

Other Events:

Mon 4/20, 1:30PM in Room 190, Professor Judy L. Cannon, T Cell Movement during the Immune Response

Tue 4/21, 2:00PM in Room 190, Louis Strigari (Texas A&M University), Exploring the particle dark matter parameter space with direct and indirect detection


Events Quick Links

Demo Night 2015

Live physics demonstrations put on by members of UNM's Society of Physics Students and faculty, illustrating basic physics principles in mechanics, optics, and electricity and magnetism. - at Regener Hall. Introducing the players. Left to right, UNM Physics undergraduate students Daniel Puentes, Zach Castillo, Montie Avery, Nick Huntoon, Josh Martin, and Dr. Dave Dunlap. A volunteer tests her hand at Newton's Cradle. - at Regener Hall. Audience volunteer Christian Roberts prepares for a ride on the rocket car under the supervision of Nick Huntoon. - at Regener Hall. What's this? Our audience volunteer appears to be hotwiring the rocket! Christian Roberts takes off on his own! - at Regener Hall. Zach Castillo demonstrates the toy gyroscope. - at Regener Hall. Montie Avery demonstrates the gas gyroscope. - at Regener Hall. Josh Martin demonstrates the human gyroscope. Dr. Arash Mafi explains total internal reflection (the reflection of the total amount of incident light at the boundary between two media). Montie Avery watches Zach Castillo as he prepares to demonstrate Lenz's law ("If an induced current flows, its direction is always such that it will oppose the change which produced it.")" Zach Castillo watches Montie Avery while preparing to demonstrate Faraday's law (A magnetic field will interact with an electric circuit to produce an electromotive force). Montie Avery demonstrates the jumping rings. Josh Martin discusses the Tesla Coil, an electrical resonant transformer circuit, used to produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity. Two teams of audience members pulling on opposite sides of Magdeburg hemispheres (illustrating the principles of air pressure). Nick Huntoon and Zach Castillo demonstrate lift, using a plastic ball and a leaf blower. - at Regener Hall. Nick Huntoon and Zach Castillo demonstrate lift, using a plastic ball and a leaf blower. - at Regener Hall. Explaining lift with a beach ball. Christian Roberts, Montie Avery, and Josh Martin wait for a 55 gallon drum to implode. Implosion! Milling around after the show. Milling around after the show. Milling around after the show.
Students learn about physics at the Demo Night on March 11. Watch the video.

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