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News from the Chair

Lauren Zundel wins NM Space Grant Scholarship

Lauren Zundel
Lauren Zundel

Lauren Zundel (BS Physics ’19) has been awarded the New Mexico Space Grant Undergraduate Research Scholarship. This award will help understand the optical response of arrays of nanostructures, with applications in solar energy harvesting and biosensing. Congratulations, Lauren!

Assistant Professor Alejandro Manjavacas is her faculty and research advisor.

See the full article.

Research Highlights

Neil McFadden wins NM Space Grant Scholarship

Neil McFadden
Neil McFadden

Neil McFadden has been awarded the New Mexico Space Grant Graduate Research Scholarship to pursue his PhD on proposed tonne-scale experiments that will search for neutrino-less double-beta decay with germanium detectors. The neutrino plays a central role in many puzzles in particle physics and cosmology. Future measurements of its properties in both laboratory and space-based experiments hope to resolve many of these puzzles and, possibly, point to new physics beyond the standard model.

The scholarship award is at the level of $10,000 for two academic semesters and will provide partial support for Neil to work on his PhD.

Neil is a member of the UNM group (Boyd, Fields, Gibbons, Gold, Loomba and Quintana) that is part of the international LEGEND collaboration. Professor Dinesh Loomba is his research advisor.

Congratulations, Neil!


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