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Chair: Wolfgang Rudolph

An undergraduate education in physics provides a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning in a variety of disciplines, including science, engineering, math, finance, education, law, and medicine. Find out more.

Graduate - Physics
Graduate - Optical Science and Engineering
News from the Chair

New Astronomy and Physics professor will continue cosmic microwave background research at UNM

Darcy Barron

One of our two new faculty members, Darcy Barron, was the first highlight in August from Advance at UNM, an NSF project to recruit, retain and promote women and minority STEM faculty.

Barron's area of interest within cosmology includes the measurement of the cosmic microwave background (CMB).

"Surveys of the faint CMB polarization signal will provide detailed maps of the distribution of matter in the Universe, and could give new insight into the earliest inflationary period immediately after the Big Bang," Barron said.

See the article here: STEM Shoutout: Darcy Barron

News from the Chair

Dr. Elizabeth Crosson looks forward to bringing her research to UNM in Fall 2018

Elizabeth Crosson
Elizabeth Crosson

Elizabeth Crosson, our new Quantum Computing faculty member, was also featured in one of Advance's August Highlights.

"In some ways, the most exciting thing about quantum information science is that we're still at the beginning and there are still many big questions in the field. Personally, I want to contribute to providing theoretical guidance of what people should do with a quantum computer," Crosson said.

See the article here: STEM Shoutout: Elizabeth Crosson


Upcoming Events


Fri 9/28, 3:30PM in Room 125, John Matthews, TeV Gamma-ray Astrophysics

Other Events:

Tue 9/25, 2:00PM in Room 190, Zhixiang Ren (UNM), Improve the Low Energy Sensitivity of the HAWC Observatory

Wed 9/26, 11:00AM in Room 190, Dr. Avadh Saxena, Non-reciprocity and Broken Symmetry: From Photonics to Materials


Physics & Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science building

A digital rendering of what the Physics & Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science center will look like

The groundbreaking ceremony was held March 2018. The facility will be complete by July 2019.


Interactive Astronomy Apps

Javascript apps

9 Educational Apps

Written by Kevin Dilts for the Astro 101 Lab, these free interactive javascript apps illustrate common astronomy concepts. Enjoy!

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