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  • Mar 11–Mar 17: Spring Break
  • May 12: Spring Semester ends
  • Jun 4: Summer Semester begins
  • Jul 28: Summer Semester ends
  • Aug 20: Fall Semester begins
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News from the Chair

Mafi named director of Center for High Technology Materials

Arash Mafi
Arash Mafi

Arash Mafi, associate professor of physics and astronomy, has been named director of the Center for High Technology Materials (CHTM). Prior to the competitive search, Mafi had served as interim director of CHTM during 2016-2017. His appointment as director was effective Feb. 1, 2018.Read more about his appointment.

Congratulations, Dr. Mafi!

Research Highlights

Manjavacas’s Research Group publishes "Hybridization of Lattice Resonances" in ACS Nano

Research on periodic arrays in nanostructures from Dr. Manjavacas’s team could result in better biosensors, solar cells and more efficient photodetectors. See the article from the UNM Newsroom.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity


Upcoming Events


Fri 2/23, 3:30PM in Room 125, Andrew Shreve, Spectroscopic Studies of Soft Materials and Biological Systems

Other Events:

Thu 2/22, 7:30AM in La Fonda on the Plaza , Issac Chuang (MIT), 20th Annual SQuInT Workshop

Thu 2/22, 3:30PM in Room 190, Dr. Asa Bluck (ETH Zurich), A Personal Overview of Observational Cosmology & Extragalactic Astrophysics


Physics & Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science building

A digital rendering of what the Physics & Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science center will look like

New center will foster collaboration between disciplines

Site prep is ongoing just north of Yale and Central. The facility will be completed by 2019.


Summer REU Program!

Javascript apps

Apply now for a ten-week summer research program in diverse areas of physics and astronomy. You get free housing, travel expenses, and a $5K stipend while you develop your lab and research skills


Interactive Astronomy Apps

Javascript apps

9 Educational Apps

Written by Kevin Dilts for the Astro 101 Lab, these free interactive javascript apps illustrate common astronomy concepts. Enjoy!

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