Building Configuration Issues

Keep the front of electrical panels clear

All electrical wall mounted (surface, or recessed) panels, switch boxes, or control stations, shall be allowed a "clear area" in front of them consisting of 3' out in front of them, 3' across (left-to-right, or right-to-left) and from floor-to-ceiling in height. Inside of this area there shall be allowed no items such as

  • Waste containers (fire safety in case of sparks)
  • Furniture, whether moveable or not
  • Any other items

which might impede immediate and rapid access to the device(s) or panels.

UNM Property Tag Items 

Planning to move an item with a lock or UNM Property Tag?

Let Chris Moroney or Steve Portillo know if you move any of these items within or without the building. It helps with inventory and keying systems database maintenance.