Keys & Locks

All keys, whether issued by Gary Harrison, or by the UNM Lockshop, are your responsibility. This even includes keys to desks, cabinets, or padlocks. Keys are not transferable. Do not give or loan your keys to anyone. Since the UNM Lockshop is now processing all lost, missing, or stolen keys, there is up to a $25.00 per key fee for any key you do not return. No replacement keys will be issued to you without paying the fee(s) to the UNM Cashier's office, and grades or transcripts will not be released until lost key fees owed are reconciled.

Procedure for Lost Keys

Go to the UNM Lockshop (west of P&A, East of NUSENDA) and tell them which keys you lost. They will give you a form listing your lost keys. Take the list to the UNM Cashier's Office. Pay the lost key fee(s) and bring the receipt to PandA (Gary Harrison) to show which keys you have paid for. We will then process your request for replacement keys as you wish, and provide you with new Key Authorization Card(s) which you will take back to the UNM Lockshop to get your replacement key(s) as per instructions for new keys below.

New Mexico State Law concerning Key duplication at UNM

Department of Physics and Astronomy key policy

Updated August 1, 2016

1. To be authorized to receive keys for any lock controlled by the department you must provide Gary with the following:

  • Your Lobo Card (First, before all else), email address, and UNM Banner ID (all in person, not via email for security reasons);
  • For Graduate Students ONLY, Alisa Gibson will email Gary with authorization for keys to the GSA Computer room, and any Regener Hall keys required.
  • For Graduate Students ONLY, notify Gary Harrison if you want to be assigned an office and/or a desk (MUST be pre-approved by a Faculty member owning the space, or by the CHAIR for new space).
  • An email message from a faculty member containing a list of the exact keys you will need. (i.e. "161 lab key" is NOT valid, it must state "Room 116 at Regener Hall", or "GTA Master at Regener Hall", or "Room 109", or "Campus Observatory Cabinet 220A")
  • You WILL BE REQUIRED TO SHOW your Lobo Card and UNM Banner ID at the UNM Lockshop before being allowed any keys from them requested by us.

2. We will notify you when the key card(s) are ready.

  • NOTE: If you do NOT have an email address to be notified at, please let us know how you are to be notified when the keys are ready (i.e. phone, mail box, note to another individual, etc.)

General Key policy and information (Everyone)

Green key authorization cards are DATED. If you do not pick them up from Gary, and submit them to the UNM Lockshop, within 30 days from the date on the card, they will NOT be honored and all procedures to acquire the key(s) will have to be repeated in their entirety. This includes having a faculty member resend their e-mail request for your keys to Operations.

In general all requests MUST come from a FACULTY member of the department, unless a Faculty member has previously given me authorization to accept one of his/her staff members to authorize his/her keys for him/her.

Please note, that if ALL the information which I type on your Green Key Authorization Cards does not match your Lobo Card EXACTLY, then when the UNM Lockshop compares the two, they may not honor your request and you will have to return both here, and to them at least once more each.

The UNM Lockshop is located due West of the Yale Entrance to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at 1919 Lomas Blvd. NE by about two city blocks distance. Travel West across the P&A parking lot, then across Yale Blvd, into the parking lot. Go to the scond building on the left. You will see a large Lock Shop sign. Enter there.

UNM Lock Shop
1839 Lomas Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87131
(505) 277-1062

Returning your Keys

Please return the keys to the UNM Lockshop.  It helps us a great deal if you will bring your receipted green cards to Gary to note and remove the keys from the department database. If you do not, and you ever need keys again, Gary has to contact the Lockshop and wait for their response with a list of the keys you currently hold from them, before he can issue any new keys to you. This inconveniences you with the wait (can be several days) as well as leaves our database showing you with keys that you have returned.  Please call his cell phone at 220-8036 and he will meet you at his office.