Shipping and Receiving Information

Facility Services Technician:
Steve Portillo
Room 1300
(505) 277-8671

Steve Portillo receives all items sent by UPS, FedEx, Air, Airborne, or freight. As packages are received, they are checked for purchase order numbers, and information indicating a purchase, or a personal item. If items are obviously personal they are delivered "as-is" without further inspection. If it is not obvious, they are opened, inspected for damage, content, and verified against our purchasing system files for an owner. If it is then determined they are personal they are delivered.

For items purchased with UNM resources, the contents are verified against the purchasing documents and recorded as partial shipments or complete (FULL) shipments. Any items valued over $5000.00 are recorded and marked so the end user knows that they must be property tagged when Plant Fund Accounting sends us the tag (Usually in about 1-2 months). The items must be made available to us for tagging at that time. Please note, if an item will be taken out of the department before that time, let Steve know, and he can request an immediate tag, which we will receive within 24 hours, to be placed on the item before it leaves the property.

When items are tagged, we must have the correct description, Model Number, and Serial number. It is greatly appreciated if this information is made available to us, since at times we may not know how an item should be properly described.

All items will be processed according to their incoming labeling. Overnight is first, then 2nd Day Air, then Priority, and finally all others (Ground, etc.).

If Steve is not available, please contact Chris Moroney. See contact information page.