Lost and Found

Contact Chris with any lost or found information for miscellaneous items.

Lost and/or Found keys: If you find any keys, turn them in to Chris Moroney in Room 1211 as soon as possible. Chris has the database records for all Physics Department keys issued, and some keys are Serial Numbered. Using those serial numbers, he can return the keys to the owner. Lost keys can become very expensive, both to the person who lost them as well as to the department should they fall into the hands of thieves. The current fees for lost keys are $10.00 each for all non-master keys (includes cabinet, desk, and other small keys) and $25.00 each for all Master keys (includes the building outside door keys, or any key that fits more than one door). The UNM Lockshop will not issue you any replacement keys, until you have gone to them for a lost key form, filled it out and taken it to the UNM Cashier's office to pay for them, then obtained another set of green key Authorization Cards from the Department, and then return to the Lockshop again to obtain the replacement keys. Quite a painful process. Please see Chris as soon as possible.