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Author Title Status Due Call #
Lynds, Beverly T. [Ed.] Dark Nebulae, Globules, and Protostars In
AS 4517
Various Data from the TAIYO Satellite In
GS 2315
Bevington, Philip R. Data Reduction and Error Analysis for the Physical Sciences In
Philip R. Bevington Data Reduction and Error Analysis for the Physical Sciences In
MA 8301
Gijsen, Marnix De Lange Nacht In
MA 8010
Takeuchi, Hitoshi & Uyeda, S. et al Debate About the Earth: Approach to Geophysics through Analysis of Continental Drift In
GS 3503
Watson, Bernard B. [Editor] Delayed Effects of Whole-Body Radiation, The: A Symposium In
BP 8515
Burns, A. R. & Stechel, E. B. et al [Ed.] Desorption Induced by Electronic Transitions DIET V In
EM 9019
Smith, R. A. Detection and Mesurement of Infra-Red Radiation, The In
EM 5503
No Author Determination of Air Quality (Proceedings) In
GS 9001
Dubiago, A. D. Determination of Orbits, The In
AS 2002
Cassirer, Ernst Determinism and Indeterminism in Modern Physics: Historical and Systematic Studies of the Problem of Causality In
QP 1302
Schuster Deterministic Chaos In
MA 4304
Dirac, Paul A. M. Development of Quantum Theory, The: J. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Prize Acceptance Speech In
QP 1408
Various Developments in Transport Theory In
SM 8802
Scientific Meeting on the Diagnosis and Treatment Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Radiation Injury In
BP 8528
Galilei, Galileo Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, Ptolemaic & Copernican Out Nov 29, 2018 ME 1201
Jauch, Josef Maria Dialogue on the Question: Are Quanta Real In
QP 2714
Kober, H. Dictionary of Conformal Representations In
MA 2311.2
Kober, H. Dictionary of Conformal Representations In
MA 2311.1
Pauli, Wolfgang Die Allgemeinin Prinzipien Der Wellenmechanik In
QP 1413
Van, B. L. Die Gruppentheoretische Methode in der Quantenmechanik In
QP 3122
Kiely, D. G. Dielectric Aerials In
EM 4513
Smyth, Charles Phelps Dielectric Behavior and Structure In
EM 2704
Smyth, Charles Phelps Dielectric Behavior and Structure: Dielectric Constant and Loss, Dipole Moment and Molecular Structure In
EM 2704
Daniel, Vera V. Dielectric Relaxation+A736 In
EM 2705
Richtmyer, Robert D. Difference Methods for Initial-Value Problems In
MA 3304
Brickell, F. Differentiable Manifolds: An Introduction In
MA 5742
Granville, William Anthony Differential and Integral Calculus In
MA 2116
Courant, Richard Differential and Integral Calculus, Vol. II In
MA 2104b
Laugwitz, Detlef Differential and Riemannian Geometry In
MA 5733
Catan, Henri Differential Calculus In
MA 1500
Ross, Shepley L. Differential Equations In
MA 3115
Morris, Max Differential Equations In
MA 3125
Sanchez, David A. Differential Equations In
MA 3121
Nelson, Alfred Lewis & Folley, Karl W. et al Differential Equations In
MA 3122
Tricomi, Francesco Giacomo Differential Equations In
MA 3108
Ford Differential Equations In
Ford Differential Equations In
Various Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics In
MA 4024
Cartan, Henri Paul Differential Forms In
MA 5740
Flanders, Harley Differential Forms with Applications to the Physical Sciences In
MA 5703
von Westenholz, Cornelius Differential Forms in Mathematical Physics In
MA 4032
Poor, Walter A. Differential Geometric Structures In
MA 5724
Auslander, Louis Differential Geometry In
MA 5738
Helgason, Sigurdur Differential Geometry and Symmetric Spaces In
MA 5704
Hermann, Robert Differential Geometry and the Calculus of Variation In
MA 4305
Gockeler, M. Differential Geometry, Gauge Theories, and Gravity In
QP 3921
Curtis, W. D. & Miller, F. R. Differential Manifolds and Theoretical Physics In
MA 5735
Hellwig, Ginter Differential Operators of Mathematical Physics: An Introduction In
MA 4609
Wiener, Norbert Differential space quantum systems, and predcition In
MA 8801a
Wallace, Andrew H. Differential Topology: First Steps In
MA 5507
Loewen, Erwin Diffraction Grating Handbook In
EM 7800
Spitzer, Lyman Diffuse Matter in Space In
AS 4512
Larikov, L. N. Diffusion Processes in Solid-Phase Welding of Materials In
SM 4601- CSE Library
Malmstadt, Howard V. & Enke, C. G. Digital Electronics for Scientists In
EM 4508
Kurth, Rudolf Dimensional Analysis and Group Theory in Astrophysics In
AS 4006
Bernstein, Albert J. Dinosaur Brains: Dealing with All Those Impossible People at Work In
MIS 2003
LeFevre, R. J. W. Dipole Moments In
SM 3737
Austern, Norman Direct Nuclear Reaction Theories In
QP 8706
Greenberg, Leonard H. Discovery in Physics In
GP 5102
Anderson, David L. Discovery of the Electron, The In
QP 1402
Burkhardt, Hugh Dispersion Relation Dynamics In
QP 4900
Klein, Lewis Dispersion Relations and the Abstract Approach to Field Theory In
QP 3704
International School of Physics Dispersion Relations and Their Connection with Causality In
QP 7804
Gaydon, A. G Dissociation Energies and Spectra of Diatomic Molecules 2E In
SM 3201a
Gaydon, A. G. Dissociation Energies and Spectra of Diatomic Molecules 3E In
SM 3201b
Woltjer, Lodewijk [Editor] Distribution and Motion of Interstellar Matter in Galaxies, The (Proceedings of a conference held at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, April 10 to 20, 1961) In
AS 4718
Erleksova, E. V. Distribution of Radioactive Elements in the Animal Organism In
BP 8520
Zemanian, Armen H. Distribution Theory and Transform Analysis: An Introduction to Generalized Functions, with Applications In
MA 4806
Bremermann, Hans Distributions, Complex Variables, and Fourier Transforms In
MA 4813
Schey, Harry Moritz Div, Grad, Curl, and All That : An Informal Text on Vector Calculus In
MA 7426
Cole, Robert Hugh Documents on Modern Physics In
SM 4511
Watson, James D. Double Helix, The: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA In
SM 1301
ESO/ESA Workshop on the Need for Coordinated Dwarf Galaxies (The First ESO/ESA Workshop on the Need for Coordinated Space and Ground-based Observations, Geneva, 12-13 May 1980 : report) In
AS 4700- CSE Library
Duarte, F. J. & Hillman, Lloyd W. Dye Laser Principles In
EM 8030
Haurwitz, Bernhard Dynamic Meteorology In
GS 6006
Jeffries, Carson D. Dynamic Nuclear Orientation In
QP 8110
Arnold, V. I. [Ed.] Dynamical Systems III In
ME 4501
Arnol'd, V. I. & Novikov, S. P. [Ed.] Dynamical Systems IV: Symplectic Geometry and Its Applications (Encyclopedia of Mathematical Sciences, Vol 4) In
ME 4502
Born, Max Dynamical Theory of Crystal Lattices In
SM 4701
Jeans, James (Sir) Dynamical Theory of Gases, The In
SM 7503
Lamb, Horace (Sir) Dynamical Theory of Sound, The In
ME 4715
Lamb, Horace (Sir) Dynamics In
ME 4101
Routh, Edward John Dynamics of a System of Rigid Bodies In
ME 1200
Etkin, Bernard Dynamics of Atmospheric Flight In
ME 5018
Roederer, Juan G. Dynamics of Geomagnetically Trapped Radiation In
GS 5803
Roberson, Robert E. Dynamics of Multibody Systems In
ME 2017
Bird, R. Byron Dynamics of Polymeric Liquids, Fluid Mechanics In
SM 7809
Bird, R. Byron [Ed.] Dynamics of Polymeric Liquids, Kinetic Theory In
SM 7809a
MacMillan, William Duncan Dynamics of Rigid Bodies In
ME 4169b
Ogorodnikov, K. F. Dynamics of Stellar Systems In
AS 2019
Abraha, Ralph Dynamics, the Geometry of Behavior, Part 2: Chaotic Behavior In
ME 4301B
Abraham, Ralph Dynamics, the Geometry of Behavior: Periodic Behavior In
ME 4301
Halfman, Robert L. Dynamics, Vol. 1 In
ME 1856A
Halfman, Robert L. Dynamics, Vol. 2 In
ME 1856B
Author Title Status Due Call #

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