Academic Programs Coordinator


Alisa Gibson
Academic Programs Coordinator
Office: P&A 105
Phone: 505-277-1514

Registration Issues

Program of Studies(POS)

The Program of Studies form is required for a Masters, either Plan I with thesis or Plan II without thesis. Please follow the POS Guidelines when submitting your application.

DEADLINES: March 1 for Summer graduation, July 1 for Fall graduation, and October 1 for Spring graduation.

You may obtain a Masters "on way to PhD" by submitting a thesis or using the preliminary exams. If you are exempt from taking the preliminary exams due to a GRE score of > 800, you must substitute a graded programs course for the exams. If you will be continuing to PhD, you will also have to submit an Application for Candidacy (AC). Do not place more hours than required (32 for Plan II / 24 for Plan I) on the POS since you will need to come up with an additional 18 hours of elective/research/problems to additionally place on the AC.

Program of Studies Worksheet

Application for Candidacy(AC)

The Application for Candidacy form is required for a PhD and must be submitted to OGS no later than the end of the semester prior to the semester in which you will graduate. You must have passed the Candidacy Exam prior to submitting the AC to OGS. Please follow the AC Guidelines when submitting your application.

Application for Candidacy Worksheet

  IMPORTANT: Note that you can use up to 24 hours of research for your degree; however, the hours may not be seperated into smaller units than what is taken in a block. For instance, if you take 3 semesters of research at 10 hours each, you can only place 20 hours on POS or AC paperwork. If you need 4 additional hours toward your degree, you would then have to enroll in only 4 research hours to not exceed the 24 allowable hours toward degree. If you complete a POS for MS "on way to PhD", you will need to complete an AC depicting the credits used for MS in section 10 and an additional 18 hours toward your PhD degree in section 8.

Undergraduate Inquiries

Contact Mosumi Roy 277-4521 or Rich Rand 277-2073 or any Undergrad Faculty Advisor.

International Student Information

Contact the Global Education Office(GEO) at 277-4032. Their address is 2120 Mesa Vista Hall (56).

Office of Graduate Studies (GS)

Contact Graduate Studies for GS FORMS / Funding / Thesis & Dissertation / AC & POS / Committee appointment for candidacy exam, dissertation or thesis defense. Their phone number is 277-2711 and they are located in the Humanities Building (81).

For GS Contracts (tuition paid / removed from bursar account) email Marisa Castaneda , contract manager, or call her at 277-7344.


Why haven't I been paid? Paycheck seems incorrect // Verification of employment, visit Payroll or call 277-2353. They are located in the Business Center on the SE corner Lomas/University.

Bursar's Office and Cashier

Visit their website or phone is 277-5363 or drop by the Perovich Business Center on the SE corner Lomas/University.


For admissions, financial aid, records and registration.

Course Enrollment Forms - add /drop /change grade mode/etc

Main website or call 277-8900. Visit Student Services Center (85) in ONE STOP.

Arts & Sciences Dean

For signature required on some registration forms go to the Student Services Center (85). Also for College of Arts and Sciences Advisement.

Fast Info

Chat with AN EXPERT in relevant department, look up info through a word search, ask a question that is answered via email - Go to My UNM / Login / Home tab -- on left of screen Fast Info.

Registration Issues

The Registrar's site has Forms and Instructions for faculty and students regarding enrollment. The most requested forms (Changing the Grade Mode , Making changes after deadlines , and Dropping after deadlines) can be found at their site.

The most common registration errors that require an OVERRIDE are:

  • Duplicate Course - Duplicate Course error arises when two courses are taken with the same course number even if the section is different (eg. PHYC 500-002 and 500-003 are required, often taken the same semester). Sign up for one of the courses and then request the INSTRUCTOR of the second course for an "Override" which they can do from their LoboWeb by selecting the correct error message from the drop down menu.
  • Prereq/Test score - PREQ and Test Score require an override from the course INSTRUCTOR if you do not meet the prerequisites.
  • Time Conflict - Time Conflict happens if two courses overlap even slightly and must be overridden by the course INSTRUCTOR.

The course INSTRUCTOR must go to LOBOWEB to complete the override -- make sure to give the instructor your Banner ID # along with the error message. You will then be required to register for the class. The override will not automatically register you for the course.

NOTE: If you have an assistantship and you register for a class after the deadlines, you must inform Graduate Studies Assistantships know so that they will charge the index on your assistantship; otherwise, the charge will go to your Bursar account.