Teaching Assistants

TA Duties

Created June 16, 2023 Latest revision: June 22, 2023

Lab TAs

  • Show to labs up sufficiently in advance to allow you to be well prepared
  • Show up on time to meetings
  • Perform all experiments/exercises prior to class, and be familiar with pitfalls, the physics/astronomy principles behind them, and any potential safety concerns
  • Respond to student emails within 24 hours or 1 business day during the week; 48 hours on weekends or holidays
  • Treat lab equipment and classrooms with respect, and assist with equipment setup and take down
  • Give full attention to students during lab by answering questions and assisting with equipment issues
  • Participate in any required weekly meetings
  • Grade labs promptly and return the following section meeting, provide constructive feedback
  • Do safety training as required
  • Treat students with respect


  • Grade assignments within one week
  • Provide constructive feedback

Tutoring table

  • Be familiar with the material and assignments for your class for given week
  • Show up on time for your hours
  • Help students with their homework and questions by leading them through the questions rather than simply giving them the answer

All TAs

  • Respond to any emails from your instructor or supervisor within one business day
  • Follow other directions from your instructor or supervisor