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Events for February 2020

Thursday February 6, 2020
2:00 pm  Title:  Simulations of binary black holes and the self-force
 Presenter:  Aaron Zimmerman, UT Austin
 Series:  Nuclear, Particle, Astroparticle and Cosmology (NUPAC) Seminars
 Host:  Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine
 Location:  PAIS-3205, PAIS


Friday February 7, 2020
3:30 pm  Title:  Gravitational wave physics
 Presenter:  Aaron Zimmerman, University of Texas at Austin
 Series:  Physics and Astronomy Colloquium
 Host:  Douglas Fields
 Location:  1100, PAIS


Saturday February 8, 2020
10:00 am  Title:  Physics and Astronomy Open House
 Presenter:  UNM alumnus Aaron Zimmerman
 Host:  David Dunlap
 File:  /pandaweb/events/flyers/Open_House_020820.pdf
 Location:  Multiple rooms, PAIS
7:00 pm  Title:  22nd Annual SQuInT Workshop
 Presenter:  Sergio Boixo (Google),
Benjamin Brown (University of Sydney),
Steven Flammia (University of Sydney),
Jonathan Home (ETH Zurich),
Jungsang Kim (Duke University and IonQ),
Alicia Kollar (University of Maryland, College Park),
Mikhail Lukin (Harvard University), to be confirmed,
John Martinis (Google),
Mark Saffman (University of Wisconsin-Madison),
Birgitta Whaley (University of California, Berkeley)
 Series:  CQuIC Seminars
 Web Site:    https:/ / physics.unm.edu/ SQuInT/ 2020/
 Host:  Ivan Deutsch
 Location:  Eugene, Oregon


Tuesday February 11, 2020
11:30 am  Title:  Next generation of InGaN lasers – in search of new functionality and better integration
 Presenter:  Prof. Piotr Perlin, Institute of High Pressure Physics, “Unipress”, Warsaw, Poland
 Series:  OSE Seminars
 Location:  Room 101, Center for High Tech Materials
2:00 pm  Title:  Fast neutrino oscillations: ELN crossing, dispersion relation and dynamic waves
 Presenter:  Huaiyu Duan, UNM
 Series:  Nuclear, Particle, Astroparticle and Cosmology (NUPAC) Seminars
 Host:  Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine
 Location:  PAIS-3205, PAIS


Thursday February 13, 2020
2:00 pm  Title:  It’s Complicated: A Modern View of Classical Novae
 Presenter:  Justin Linford (NRAO)
 Series:  Center for Astrophysics Research and Technologies Seminar Series
 Host:  Gregory Taylor
 Location:  PAIS-3205, PAIS
3:30 pm  Title:  Single Photon Detection: Fundamental Limits and POVMs
 Presenter:  Tzula Propp, University of Oregon
 Series:  CQuIC Seminars
 Host:  Elizabeth Crosson
 Location:  PAIS-2540, PAIS


Friday February 14, 2020
2:00 pm  Title:  The entanglement of a bipartite channel
 Presenter:  Carlo Maria Scandolo, University of Calgary
 Series:  CQuIC Seminars
 Host:  Carlton Caves
 Location:  PAIS-1140, PAIS


Tuesday February 18, 2020
2:00 pm  Title:  Studying The Properties Of Xenon Doped Argon and Developing Optical Simulation Techniques for the LEGEND collaboration, a for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiment
 Presenter:  Neil C. McFadden
 Series:  Thesis and Dissertation Defenses
 Location:  PAIS-2540, PAIS


Thursday February 20, 2020
11:30 am  Title:  Next-generation optical imaging methods for probing the nervous system
 Presenter:  Dr. Cristina Rodríguez, University of California, Berkeley
 Series:  OSE Seminars
 Location:  PAIS-2540, PAIS
2:00 pm  Title:  Optical Tools that Push the Limits of Single-Molecule Microscopy
 Presenter:  Adam S. Backer,
Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico
 Series:  BIo-Photonics Seminar
 Host:  Victor Acosta
 Location:  1100, PAIS
5:00 pm  Title:  Climate and the Energy-Water Nexus By
 Presenter:  Kristen Averyt
Research Professor
 Series:  Sigma Xi Public Talk
 Host:  Harjit Ahluwalia
 Location:  Room C, UNM Conference Center


Friday February 21, 2020
3:30 pm  Title:  From sunlight to fresh water: nanoscale photothermal effects for desalination
 Presenter:  Alessandro Alabastri, Rice University
 Series:  Physics and Astronomy Colloquium
 Host:  Alejandro Manjavacas
 Location:  1100, PAIS


Thursday February 27, 2020
2:00 pm  Title:  Synergies between VLBI and Gaia: tracing the Milky Way structure
 Presenter:  Luis Quiroga-Nunez (NRAO/UNM)
 Series:  Center for Astrophysics Research and Technologies Seminar Series
 Host:  Gregory Taylor
 Location:  PAIS-3205, PAIS
 Presenter:  Andrea Morello, Centre for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology,
School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications,
University of New South Wales
 Series:  CQuIC Seminars
 Host:  Carlton Caves
 Location:  PAIS-2540, PAIS


Friday February 28, 2020
3:30 pm  Title:  The high magnetic field tokamak path to fusion energy: Alcator to SPARC to ARC
 Presenter:  Earl Marmar, MIT
 Series:  Physics and Astronomy Colloquium
 Host:  Huaiyu (Mike) Duan
 Location:  1100, PAIS

Disability Notice Individuals with disabilities who need an auxiliary aid or service to attend or participate in P&A events should contact Sandra Ortiz (phone: 505-277-5900, email: sportiz@unm.edu) well in advance to ensure your needs are accommodated. Event handouts can be provided in alternative accessible formats upon request. Please contact Ms. Ortiz if you need written information in an alternative format.