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Quantum Technologies for New-physics Searches in the Laboratory and in Space

Friday April 19, 2024
3:30 pm

 Presenter:  Prof. Marianna Safronova (Univ of Delaware)
 Series:  Physics and Astronomy Colloquium
 Abstract:  The extraordinary advances in quantum control of matter and light have been transformative for atomic and molecular precision measurements enabling probes of the most basic laws of Nature to gain a fundamental understanding of the physical Universe. Exceptional versatility, inventiveness, and rapid development of precision experiments supported by continuous technological advances and improved atomic and molecular theory led to rapid development of many avenues to explore new physics. I will give an overview of atomic physics searches for physics beyond the standard model (BSM) and focus on dark matter searches with atomic and nuclear clocks and new ideas for BSM searches with quantum sensors in space. I will also discuss quantum algorithms that can aid dark matter searches. In conclusion, I will describe new efforts in developing a roadmap for terrestrial very-long-baseline (km-scale) atom interferometry for gravitational wave and dark matter detection.
 Web Site:    https:/ / unm.zoom.us/ j/ 92709699696
 Host:  Dinesh Loomba
 Location:  PAIS-1100, PAIS

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