Saturday Program

7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast (Mezzanine, Second Floor)

SESSION 10: Near-term devices and applications

Chair: Michael Nielsen (Y Combinator Research)
8:30am-9:15amDave Bacon (Google)
The exciting and scary world of near term quantum computers
9:15am-9:45amZhihui Wang (NASA - Ames Research Center), Eleanor Rieffel, Stuart Hadfield, Bryan O'Gorman, Nicholas C Rubin, Zhang Jiang, Davide Venturelli
Investigations of the quantum alternating operator ansatz or optimization problems with constraints
9:45am - 10:15amBreak (Mezzanine, Second Floor)

SESSION 11: Solid-state qubits and cavity

Chair: Emily Pritchett (HRL Laboratories)
10:15am-11:00amSimon Gustavsson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Fei Yan, Gianluigi Catelani, Jonas Bylander, Jeffrey Birenbaum, David Hover, Danna Rosenberg, Gabriel Samach, Steven J. Weber, Jonilyn L. Yoder, John Clarke, Andrew J. Kerman, Fumiki Yoshihara, Yasunobu Nakamura, Terry P. Orlando, William D. Oliver
Dynamical control techniques with superconducting qubits
11:00am-11:30amAaron Jones (HRL Laboratories)
Experimental measurement of leakage-error in exchange-only SiGe quantum dot qubits by extending randomized benchmarking
11:30am-12:00pmNa Young Kim (University of Waterloo), Haining Pan, K. Winkler, C. Schneider, S. Hoefling
Engineered hopping integrals in exciton-polariton quantum simulators
12:00pm - 1:30pmLunch Buffet (La Terraza Banquet Room, Third Floor - capacity 140 & Stiha Room capacity 60 w/overflow seating in Mezzanine))

SESSION 12: Complexity and many-body problems

Chair: Andrew Landahl (Sandia National Laboratories)
1:30pm-2:15pmShelby Kimmel (Middlebury College)
Quantum vs. classical proofs
2:15pm-2:45pmIsaac Kim (Stanford University), Brian Swingle
Robust entanglement renormalization on a noisy quantum computer
2:45pm - 3:15pmBreak (Mezzanine, Second Floor)

SESSION 13: Atoms

Chair: Poul Jessen (University of Arizona)
3:15pm-3:45pmJacob Lampen (University of Michigan), Huy Nguyen, Matthew Winchester, Lin Li, Paul Berman, Alex Kuzmich
State insensitive trapping for ground and Rydberg atoms
3:45pm-4:15pmMatthew Norcia (University of Colorado JILA), Robert Lewis-Swan, Julia Cline, Bihui Zhu, Ana Maria Rey, James Thompson
Exchange interactions in a strontium superradiant laser
4:15pm-4:45pmMichael Martin (Sandia National Laboratories), Jongmin Lee, Yuan- Yu Jau, Ivan Deutsch, Grant Biedermann
A CPHASE gate between Rydberg‚Äźdressed neutral atoms
4:45pm-5:15pmBharath H. M. (Georgia Institute of Technology), Matthew Boguslawski, Maryrose Barrios, Lin Xin, Michael Chapman
Singular loops and their non-Abelian geometric phases in ultracold spin-1 atoms
5:15pm - 5:30pmBreak (Mezzanine, Second Floor)

SESSION 14: Panel discussion

Chair: Carlton Caves (University of New Mexico)
5:30pm-6:30pmKenneth Brown (Duke University), Isaac Chuang (MIT), Theresa Lynn (Harvey Mudd), Michael Nielsen, (Y Combinator Research)
Panel discussion: Progress of quantum information and SQuInT

SQuInT Chief Organizer
Akimasa Miyake, Assistant Professor

SQuInT Co-Organizer
Mark M. Wilde, Assistant Professor LSU

SQuInT Administrator
Gloria Cordova
505 277-1850

SQuInT Founder
Ivan Deutsch, Regents' Professor

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