All General Sessions will be held in the Lumpkins Ballroom, Second Floor

Thursday Program

7:30am - 8:20amBreakfast, Registration & Conference Check-in (Mezzanine, Second Floor)
8:20am - 8:30amOpening Remarks

SESSION 1: It from ion qubits at SQuInT

Chair: Isaac Chuang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
8:30am-9:15amDavid Wineland (NIST, Boulder/University of Oregon)
NIST ions at SQuInT
9:15am-9:45amDavid Allcock (National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder), Raghavendra Srinivas, Shaun Burd, Daniel Slichter, Andrew Wilson, Dietrich Leibfried, David Wineland
Entangling trapped ions with a low-frequency magnetic field gradient
9:45am - 10:15amBreak (Mezzanine, Second Floor)

SESSION 2: Information theory and quantum communication

Chair: Philippe Faist (California Institute of Technology)
10:15am-11:00amGraeme Smith (University of Colorado Boulder)
Progress on the quantum channel capacity problems
11:00am-11:30amPatrick Coles (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Adam Winick, Norbert Luetkenhaus
Reliable numerical key rates for quantum key distribution
11:30am-12:00pmKaushik Seshadreesan (University of Arizona), Ludovico Lami and Mark M. Wilde
Renyi relative entropies of quantum Gaussian states
12:00pm - 1:30pmLunch Buffet (La Terraza Banquet Room, Third Floor - capacity 140 & Stiha Room capacity 60 w/overflow seating in Mezzanine))

SESSION 3: Qubits in defects

Chair: Kai-Mei Fu (University of Washington)
1:30pm-2:15pmNathalie de Leon (Princeton University)
New color centers in diamond for long distance quantum networks
2:15pm-2:45pmEmma Schmidgall (University of Washington), Srivatsa Chakravarthi, Michael Gould, Ian Christen, Karine Hestroffer, Fariba Hatami, Kai-Mei Fu
Frequency control of single quantum emitters in integrated photonic circuits
2:45pm - 3:15pmBreak (Mezzanine, Second Floor)

SESSION 4: Quantum algorithms and simulation

Chair: David Meyer (University of California San Diego)
3:15pm-3:45pmRyan Babbush (Google), Nathan Wiebe, Jarrod McClean, James McClain, Hartmut Neven, Garnet Chan
Low depth quantum simulation of electronic structure
3:45pm-4:15pmGuang Hao Low (Microsoft Research), Isaac Chuang
Advances in optimal Hamiltonian simulation
4:15pm-4:45pmNathan Wiebe (Microsoft Research), Andres Gilyen, Srinivasan Arunachalam
Optimizing quantum optimization algorithms via faster quantum gradient computation

SESSION 5: Poster Session and Reception Rooms: New Mexico and Santa Fe, 1st Floor, near restaurant. Rooms will remain open for poster viewing until Saturday, 3pm

5:00pm-7:00pmPoster Session and Reception (with Cash Bar)

SQuInT Chief Organizer
Akimasa Miyake, Assistant Professor

SQuInT Co-Organizer
Mark M. Wilde, Assistant Professor LSU

SQuInT Administrator
Gloria Cordova
505 277-1850

SQuInT Founder
Ivan Deutsch, Regents' Professor

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