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UNM Leading the Country in Quantum Science Education

Dr. Ivan Deutsch
The University of New Mexico is being recognized as a worldwide leader in Quantum Information Science

UNM was one of only 25 universities invited to participate at the White House Academic Roundtable on Quantum Information Science on May 31, 2019 in Washington, D.C. to discuss the “significant role that academia plays in Quantum Information Science and its impact on America's prosperity and security."

UNM has been a pioneer of QIS since the field emerged 25 years ago and is poised to make some of the most innovative technological advancements in QIS through partnerships with Sandia National Labs and Los Alamos National Lab.

Ivan Deutsch, director of the UNM Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC), believes Quantum Information Science will revolutionize the world, from computing to technology to cybersecurity.

“The most exciting thing about the future of QIS is the chance to realize many of our theoretical ideas,” he says. “It’s a grand challenge for science and technology to make this happen—hence the NQI.”
“We are planning a multidisciplinary graduate research and education program that includes Physics & Astronomy, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Our goal is to build a ‘quantum smart workforce’ and have applied to the National Science Foundation for a new grant to do so,” Deutsch said about UNM’s role in the future. “We are building capacity to join forces with our partners to build new QIS centers. In short, UNM will build on its pioneering role to be at the center of the second quantum revolution.”

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