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Adjunct Professor David Emin
David Emin, PhD

Adjunct Professor David Emin's Research Published in "Nature"

"Excellent electronic transport from a cheaply synthesized disordered polymer"

David Emin and his experimentalist colleagues centered at Cambridge University addressed the Seebeck coefficients and transistor characteristics of FETs of various disordered conjugated polymers. One particular polymer (IDTBT) manifests nearly trap-free polaron hopping. Excellent electronic transport is thereby obtained from easily and cheaply synthesized polymers. Molecular dynamics calculations performed at Mons University attribute this behavior to the polymer having a planar torsion-free backbone.

Read more: Approaching disorder-free transport in high-mobility conjugated polymers, doi:10.1038/nature13854 (November 5 on-line and November 20 print edition).

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