2017 Fall Demo Show

November 1, 2017 at Regener Hall: 2016 Fall Demo Show. At the annual Physics Demo Show, Regener Hall was filled with students from local schools, their teachers and parents. Undergraduate students Dilys Ruan, Eric Putney, Ryan Gibbons, Ron Pagano, Nik Huntoon, Nic Litza, Ivey Davis, Cayman Rogers, Andy Mueller, Sanjna Mahobius, Amy Soudachanh, Duncan Weeks, Erica Sommer and Christine Bennett put on a fantastic show that got the audience involved. The event would not have been possible without the help and dedicated work of Profs. Dunlap (coach), Boucheron, Rand, Schwoebel and staff members Steve Portillo and John Gallegos.

27 Nik Huntoon and Amy Soudachanh demonstrating Bernoulli effect with a beach ball and a leaf blower 28 Nik Huntoon and Ryan Gibbons imploding a soda can with steam 29 Nik Huntoon explains how to crush a soda can with steam as Ryan Gibbons looks on 01 Richard Rand 02 Dunlap and students 03 Student Presenters 04 Student Presenters 05 Audience 06 Christine Bennett 07 Ivey Davis and Erika Sommer 08 Andy Mueller and Nic Litza 09 Ron Pagano, Eric Putney and Nik Huntoon discussing the Saturn V rocket 10 Ron Pagano and Eric Putney take a volunteer for a Rocket Car ride 11 Ron Pagano shows the gas gyroscope. Dilys Ruan looks on 12 Wild cheering and excitement as an audience member becomes a human gyroscope 13 Nic Litza uses a weighted flywheel to become a human gyroscope. 14 Changing over to optics demos 15 An excited audience volunteer tries the jumping rings as Andy Mueller looks on. The small black rock on the table is a magnetite lodestone, a naturally magnetized mineral 16 Ivey Davis and Dilys Ruan present the electrifying part of Demo Night with Oersted and Faraday discussions 17 Audience and Presentation 18 When AC power is supplied to the solenoid, the changing magnetic flux induces a current in the metal ring. The induced magnetic field of the ring is opposite the field of the solenoid so the ring is repelled and flies up 19  Andy Mueller and Ron Pagano watch an audience member turn on a solenoid with a ring around it 20 Christine Bennett and Erika Sommers prepare to show the Meissner Effect. In this demonstration, a superconducting disc is chilled in liquid nitrogen. Then you place a magnet on the disc. The magnet will rise and float 21 Dr. Leandra Boucheron demonstrates the power of atmospheric pressure with the Magdeburg hemispheres. The vacuum pump will remove all the air between the two hemispheres 22 The vacuum pump will remove all the air between the two hemispheres. Without air inside, the two halves are hard to separate 23 Two young audience members attempt to pull apart the hemispheres, which are held together only by atmospheric pressure 24 Until the valve is opened and the pressure equalizes, air pressure makes it impossible to separate the two halves with human power alone 25 Here we are doing the same experiment, except on a larger scale. Amy Soudachanh and Dr. Boucheron prepare the large metal plate hemispheres 26 Volunteers attempt to pull apart two large Magdeburg hemispheres in a tug-of-war