2016 Fall Demo Show

November 2, 2016 at Regener Hall: 2016 Fall Demo Show. Incredible turnout of 300+ people were enthralled by Society of Physics Students undergraduates Ron Pagano, Brady Spears, Nick Huntoon, Desirae Orr, Lauren Zundel, Dilys Ruan, Ryan Gibbons, Amy Soudachanh, Daniel Puentes, Josh Martin, and Everett Begay, nd faculty members David Dunlap, Paul Schwoebel and Leandra Boucheron who conducted physics demos and fielded questions about the department. The students presented a fantastic show, which received a lot of applause. Thanks to everyone who came!

Professor Richard Rand advocates for educational support at the Lecture Demo Show Audience members participate in a demonstration of the conservation of momentum and energy Students use a very large Newton's Cradle to demonstrate the conservation of momentum and energy Prepping the Rocket car Demonstrating thrust with the Rocket car - at Regener Hall. A young audience member assists with the pendulum demonstration Lecturer III Leandra Boucheron addressing the crowd Demonstrating the torsional wave table Graduate and undergraduate students present the demonstrations and answer questions from the audience - at Regener Hall. Using a violin in conjunction with the Rubens' Tube to show the standing wave patterns for sound in a musical instruments - at Regener Hall. Lauren Zundel encourages the audience to pursue physics - at Regener Hall. More than 300 students, ranging from elementary to high school, attended the event - at Regener Hall. Demostrating magnetic braking Professor Paul Schwoebel demonstrates electrical resistance with metal rings Nik Huntoon demonstrates superconductivity with liquid nitrogen - at Regener Hall. Putting together the Magdeburg hemispheres - at Regener Hall. Prepping the atmospheric plate demo Prepping the atmospheric plate demo Getting a closer look at the levitating metal cube When Physics professors are rock stars: Professor Dunlap signs his autograph