2014 Open House

October 31, 2014 at the Physics and Astronomy building. Incredible turnout of 250+ people: Society of Physics Students undergraduate and graduate volunteers led tours of the research in the building, conducted physics demos, and fielded questions about the department. Thanks to everyone who came!

Angular momentum demo Biological physics research in Keith Lidkes lab Dr. Mousumi Roy addresses Open House visitors Dr. Mousumi Roy chats with grad students staffing the PA demos in the lobby Dr. Mousumi Roy explains benefits of a Physics degree to Open House visitors in the lobby Dr. Roy, foreground Explaining biological research in Keith Lidkes lab Explaining the electron microscope in Keith Lidkes lab Grad student Linh Le explains low temperature research in Stephen Boyds lab Grad student Peter Relich explains biological physics in Keith Lidkes lab Grad students conduct physics demonstrations Groups split into tours, visiting different areas of the building Low temperature research tour PA department chair Wolfgang Rudolph welcomes Open House visitors PA video and slideshow displays in the PA building lobby Physics is fun! Ruslan Hummatov and Linh Le explain low temperature research Standing room only in the building lobby Students crowd the building halls in between tours Students get hands-on with physics demos The lobby during the Open House