Robust topological information storage in warm alkali vapor using slow twisted light

Presenting Author: Kenneth DeRose, Miami University
Contributing Author(s): Kefeng Jiang, Linzhao Zhuo, Samir Bali

We create slow light pulses propagating at 350 m/s through warm Rubidium gas, and elucidate experimentally the role played by the narrow spectral window of a few kHz due to electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT). The importance of pump intensity optimization is emphasized. Further, by measuring the EIT linewidth as a function of relative pump-probe angle we obtain direct experimental proof of Dicke narrowing. An application of slow light to the field of quantum information is that now the experimenter supposedly has more time to encode/decode information. However, this also means the stored information has more time available to dissipate away. We describe our experimental progress toward propagating a slow twisted light pulse through warm Rb vapor, and showing that the topology of the pulse allows for robust storage of information.

(Session 5 : Sunday from 5:00pm - 7:00pm)


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