Physics 161.002 Spring 2015


Physics 161 Spring 2015. Course Title: General Physics II (calculus-based), Section 002, Call Number 47785, Cr 03, MW 17:30-18:45, Regener 103, instructor is Dr. L. Kent Morrison, 277-0433, (best way to reach me), office in room 1115 of the Physics and Astronomy (P&A) Building at the northeast corner of Lomas and Yale. This course is for physics, astrophysics, engineering, or science majors.

Text and other material. Mandatory Text: University Physics by Young & Freedman, 13th ed. Various text supplements are available and may be helpful but are not required. You will need a simple calculator with trig functions that you should bring to class regularly. You will need it for in-class exercises, tests and homework.

Homework.  Mastering Physics (MP) is required. MP comes free with new texts purchased in the bookstore. If you bought a used text or obtained your text elsewhere you will have to purchase MP (details are given at: Student Access Code: This is a six-"word" printed code supplied beneath the pull-tab inside your Mastering Physics Student Access Kit. It is valid for registering one student. If the tab in this kit has been pulled back, the code may no longer be valid. Once you have an access code for MP, you can register at Getting Started Student Registration  For questions regarding Mastering Physics, go to UNM Mastering Support Spring 2015.   All homework assignments are graded (The first hw is called "Introduction to MasteringPhysics" on how to use MP).

Learning Catalytics. We will be using Learning Catalytics instead of IClickers for in class exercises.  Learning Catalytics uses your networked device (either a smart phone, tablet or labtop) that you must bring to every class.  To register in Learning Catalytics go to Getting Started on Learning Catalytics Student

Problem Session, P168.002.  The 1credit hour problem session is very helpful for understanding the material and getting a better grade, however it is not required. The laboratory (Physics 161 L) is very relevant to the course and is recommended but is not required.

Office Hours.  I will have office hours on Mondays and Wednesdays 16:30-17:20 in  Regener Hall Room 109  I am also available by appointment in my office in Room 1115 in the Physics and Astronomy (P&A) Building at the northeast corner of Lomas and Yale. On Mondays from 19:00 to 19:50 I will be teaching the problems session in Regener 103 and you are welcome to drop by to ask questions when I am not busy. If none of these times work for you, then please make an appointment.

Other resources.

Class Home Page,  Go to I will post test solutions, grades  and other class information there so check it often. Make sure I have the correct grades on my spreadsheet. If a grade is incorrect, see me right away. Do not wait until more than 2 weeks after the grade has been posted to see me for corrections.

Dropping the class. If you drop the course then please let me know. Sometimes this information does not get to me and this can lead to grade difficulties at the end of the semester. If you stop attending but do not drop the class, I will not know it and you will receive a F at the end of the course! So, it is critical that you file the appropriate paperwork (you can drop online) and let me know when you drop the course.

Here I list links where other important aspects of the course are described. Please go to these links and read their contents.