Experimental dynamical decoupling on IBM quantum experience

Presenting Author: Bibek Pokharel, University of Southern California
Contributing Author(s): Namit Anand, Benjamin Fortman, Daniel Lidar

One of the fundamental challenges in the physical realization of quantum computing and quantum information processing tasks is fighting decoherence---the loss of coherence due to the inevitable coupling of a quantum system to its environment. Dynamical decoupling (DD) is one of the powerful techniques proposed to combat this challenge. In this work, we investigate the performance of DD sequences on the IBM Quantum Experience (IBM QE). The IBM QE is a cloud-based platform that allows remote access to a 5-qubit quantum computer (labelled ibmqx4) and a 16-qubit quantum computer (labelled ibmqx5). We compare the performance of several genetic-algorithm optimized DD sequences and randomized dynamical decoupling (RDD) on this superconducting quantum computer. We show that, in general, performing DD helps in maintaining quantum coherence for longer times than free evolution. Our results elucidate the performance of DD as a defense against decoherence in this experimental setup.

(Session 5 : Thursday from 5:00pm - 7:00 pm)


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