Optimized two-qubit gates in a long, linear ion crystal using continuous frequency modulation

Presenting Author: Pak Hong Leung, Duke University
Contributing Author(s): Kevin Landsman, Caroline Figgatt, Norbert Linke, Kenneth Brown, Christopher Monroe

High-fidelity two-qubit gates in a multi-ion crystal has become one of the greatest challenges in ion trap quantum computation. As we scale up the number of ions, it becomes increasingly difficult to disentangle the qubits from multiple motional modes. We propose using a continuous frequency-modulated driving force to achieve such a purpose, and present simulational and experimental results of optimized two-qubit gates with a five-ion chain. To predict the mechanics of even longer ion chains, we perform simulation of motional modes with 20 ions or more as we approach the continuum limit, where we may model the chain as a linear charge density.

Read this article online: https://arxiv.org/abs/1708.08039

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