Encoded logical qubits and reservoir engineering in a trapped-ion mechanical oscillator

Presenting Author: Jonathan Home, ETH, Zurich

I will describe experiments in which measurements of modular functions of position and momentum can be used to encode and manipulate information stored in an oscillator. For trapped-ions, such measurements can be implemented using a single bichromatic coupling between the oscillator and an ancilla spin. This has allowed us to encode and manipulate a logical qubit encoded in grid states of the motional oscillator of a single trapped-ion, which were first proposed by Gottesmann, Kitaev and Preskill. More recently, we have developed a scheme for performing autonomous stabilization of the qubit subspace, replacing the spin measurement with a coherent operation followed by spin relaxation using optical pumping. This scheme represents a form of reservoir engineering, and also results in an efficient form of laser cooling. In addition to work on single oscillators, I will briefly review recent experimental results which target scaling trapped-ion quantum computers into multiple dimensions using arrays of micro-fabricated Penning traps.

(Session 8 : Sunday from 1:30pm - 2:15pm)


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