Whom Do I Contact?

  • If you are a major in our department, contact your assigned advisor for all issues. If you believe you are a major but do not have an assigned advisor, email Prof. Allahverdi, the Undergraduate Committee Chair.
  • You may also contact Denise Garcia, the A&S Advisor assigned to Physics & Astrophysics majors. Please go to LoboAchieve.unm.edu or call 277-4621 to make an appointment.

  • If you want to become a major, email Prof. Allahverdi.
  • If you are not a major, email Prof. Allahverdi about these other departmental issues:
    • You have unresolved or incorrect transfer equivalencies
    • You plan to take a class elsewhere and want to know how it will transfer back
    • You need a signature on a form
    • You want to become a major or minor
    • You have a question about a pre/co-req override
    • Other academic questions
    Professor Allahverdi or another advisor (or instructor in the case of some overrides) will answer your questions.
  • If you never intended to major in our department but you have an advisement hold from us, please email Denise Garcia