Faculty and Staff Directory

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Hatem Babaa
Teaching Lab Supervisor
Office: REGH 112
Phone: 505-277-5905
Email: hbabaa@unm.edu

John Behrendt
Senior Electronics Technician
Office: PAIS 1200
Phone: 505-277-1463
Email: jbehrend@unm.edu
On the Web: Electronics Shop

Steven Tyler Bishop
Sr. Student Success Specialist
Office: PAIS 1219
Phone: 505 277-1512
Email: bishop68@unm.edu

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Monia Constantinescu
Sr Research Scientist I
Office: PAIS 1406
Phone: 505-277-0590
Email: aconsta@unm.edu

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Anthony Gravagne
Prototype Machinist
Office: PAIS 1243
Phone: 505-277-4327
Email: ant9983@unm.edu
On the Web: Machine Shop

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Michael P. Hasselbeck
Senior Research Scientist II
Office: PAIS 1406
Phone: 505-277-0590
Email: mph@unm.edu

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Ciarra Johnson
Accountant 2
Office: PAIS 1180A
Phone: 505-277-0650
Email: ciarrajohnson@unm.edu

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Christopher Moroney
Facilities Operations Manager
Office: PAIS 1211
Phone: (505) 803-3181
Email: cmoroney@unm.edu
On the Web: Facility Services

Julie Morrison
Department Administrator
Office: PAIS 1218
Phone: 505-277-1516
Email: jmorriso@unm.edu

Yvonne Muñoz
Fiscal and Administrative Tech
Office: PAIS 1180
Phone: 505 277-2616
Email: ymunoz26@unm.edu

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Steve Portillo
Lead Facilities Services Technician
Office: PAIS 1300
Phone: 277-8671 or 505-269-4472
Email: sport@unm.edu
On the Web: Facility Services

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Joseph Reichert
Office: PAIS 1243
Phone: 505-277-4327
Email: jreichert1@unm.edu

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Doris Williams
OSE Program Advisor
Office: PAIS 1408
Phone: 505-277-1498
Office: CHTM
Phone: 272-7764
Email: dwillia2@unm.edu
On the Web: Optical Science and Engineering

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Dwight Zier
Program Manager: CAS/CQuIC
Office: PAIS 2002
Phone: 505 277-1850
Email: d29zier@unm.edu