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Andrew Gentry wins NM Space Grant Scholarship

Andrew Gentry
Andrew Gentry
Andrew Gentry was awarded the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium Graduate Research Fellowship for work towards his PhD on developing radiation-hard silicon particle detectors.

Silicon detectors play a central role in the tracking of high energy particles in experiments like ATLAS at the LHC, as well as in many applications in space, such as the International Space Station, where silicon detectors are used for human dosimetry.

The electronic characteristics of these detectors break down with increased exposure to radiation, until they can no longer be used effectively. Thus, in order to continue to push the frontier of particle and astroparticle research in high radiation environments, it is crucial to develop new technologies that can withstand more radiation. During the fellowship period Andrew will be making measurements to characterize a set 3D sensors, a novel silicon detector design which promises to do exactly that.

The Fellowship award is for $10,000 and will provide partial support for this project for the next two semesters. Professor Sally Seidel is his research advisor.

About the New Mexico Space Grant Fellowship Program

New Mexico Space Grant Consortium provides funding to faculty & students to develop competitive research and technology projects across New Mexico. The Graduate Research Fellowship opportunity is open to full-time graduate students enrolled at any university in the state of New Mexico. 

Congratulations, Andrew!

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