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Gabe Shipley '15 Wins Sandia's 2022 Truman Fellowship

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Gabe Shipley
Gabe Shipley

Our alumnus Gabriel "Gabe" Shipley, who received a B.A. in Physics and Astrophysics in 2015, was awarded the 2022 Truman Fellowship from the Sandia National Lab. Truman Fellows conduct independent ground-breaking research that supports Sandia's national-security mission. The Fellowship is for three years.

Through multiple undergraduate and graduate research internships and practicums, Gabe has contributed to cutting-edge research in multiple Sandia divisions as well as with the X Theoretical Design Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Gabe received his PhD from UNM's ECE department in 2021. His thesis work focused on methods to generate megagauss-level magnetic fields to stabilize and magnetize pulsed-power-driven liner implosions. Congratulations, Gabe!

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