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Amazingly Successful Society of Physics Students Zone Meeting Held at UNM

The SPS meeting this past Saturday, November 1, 2014, was larger than any Zone 16 has had in two decades now, with 37 students in attendance and with large contingents traveling to Albuquerque from NAU, ASU, and NMTech, as well as UNM. Room 190 was filled to capacity. About 28 students stayed on through the dinner banquet, which was held at Church St. Café, and subsidized by the National Office of the SPS.

The UNM chapter officers Merrick Chalk, Greg Ottino, Christian Roberts, and Maria Benitez-Jones deserve praise for all the work they put in to make the meeting a success. They are grateful to Arash Mafi, Sally Seidel, Keith Lidke, Andy Ferdinand, and Carl Caves, for providing talks/lab tours, John Gallegos for organizing the demonstrations. Also, thanks to Satomi Suguchi, Andy Ferdinand, Katherine DeBlasio, Neil McFadden, and Jacek Osinski for serving on the graduate student panel.

The advisor from NAU said he "had no idea that physics at UNM was this big".

See the agenda.

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