News from the Chair

Arash Mafi
Arash Mafi, associate professor, UNM Department of Physics & Astronomy, and a member of the Center for High Technology Materials at UNM.

Dr. Mafi's Research Makes Physics World Year End Top Ten List

Dr. Mafi and colleagues found a way to make optical fibers transmit images sharper than the best available commercial imaging fibres. This innovative approach was named one of the top-10 breakthroughs as chosen by a panel of six Physics World editors and reporters. Criteria for judging the top 10 included:

  • Fundamental importance of research
  • Significant advance in knowledge
  • Strong connection between theory and experiment
  • General interest to all physicists

Dr. Mafi's research team built on a phenomenon first identified by Nobel Prize winner Philip Anderson in 1958. The discovery could be used to improve endoscopy and other medical imaging technology. Read the article in the UNM News, or the original article detailing the findings.

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