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Enhanced UNM-LANL Partnership in Quantum Info

2005-Jan-24—The University of New Mexico’s Information Physics Group (IPG) and Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Quantum Institute (QI) have formed a Partnership in Quantum Information Science, under the auspices of the UNM-LANL Joint Science and Technology Laboratory, to promote collaborative research in quantum information science.

According to Dr. Carlton Caves, who—along with Dr. Ivan Deutsch—heads up the UNM side of the venture, “The Information Physics Group at UNM and the Quantum Institute at LANL together constitute one of the largest quantum information research efforts in the world. This new partnership will promote closer ties between UNM and LANL activities in the new interdisciplinary research area of quantum information science. In particular, the Partnership provides graduate fellowships to attract the best graduate students to P&A and to support P&A graduate students doing dissertation research at LANL.”

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