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UNM Professor Receives Textbook Excellence Award

Professor Michael Zeilik
Professor Michael Zeilik

At its annual convention in June, the Text and Academic Association announced that Astronomy: The Evolving Universe by UNM Physics and Astronomy Professor Michael Zeilik received the 2003 Texty award in the college-level Physical Sciences.

Text and Academic Authors created the Textbook Excellence Award in 1992 to recognize current textbooks and learning materials. To be nominated, a work must carry a copyright date for the previous or current year. TAA designed the award, called the Texty, because text materials did not have awards of their own. Entries are not limited to books but may include learning materials in all mediums.

From the award citation:
Texty winner Astronomy: The Evolving Universe , 9th ed., by Michael Zeilik, II, published by Cambridge University Press (college level, physical sciences):

“This book is about as good as it gets in this field. It is deserving of recognition for excellence, not only because it is a sound book,but also because author Zeilik has a rich legacy of positive contributions to introductory astronomy instruction.”
“Reader-friendly style. Beautiful illustrations. Plenty of exercises. Well-organized.”

Professor Zeilik has been on the UNM faculty since 1975. In 2002, he received the Astronomy Education Prize of the American Astronomical Society.

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