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Author Title Status Due Call #
O'Dell, Thomas Henry Electrodynamics of Magneto-Electric Media, The In
EM 2703
O'Neill, Barrett Elementary Differential Geometry In
MA 5708
O'Neill, Edward L. Introduction to Statistical Optics In
EM 7801-1
O'Neill, Edward L. Introduction to Statistical Optics In
EM 7801-2
O'Raifeartaigh, L. Group Structure of Gauge Theories Out Aug 10, 2015 QP 5321
O'Raifeataigh, L. General Relativity (Papers in honour of . . .) In
ME 8317
Oda & Takayanagi Physics of Electronic and Atomic Collisions 11 (Invited papers and progress reports) In
SM 1106 I.c
Odishaw, Hugh Research in Geophysics In
GS 2302
Officer, Charles B. Introduction to Theoretical Geophysics In
GS 3200
Ogelman, H. Timing Neutron Stars (Proceedings, NATO Asi Series. Series C, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Vol 262) In
AS 3562- CSE Library
Ogorodnikov, K. F. Dynamics of Stellar Systems In
AS 2019
Ohanian, Hans C. Solutions Manual: Modern Physics In
QP 1743
Ohanian, Hans C. Classical Electrodynamics In
EM 2208- CSE Library
Ohanian, Hans C. Modern Physics In
QP 1742
Ohlsen, G. G. [Editor] Polarization Phenomena in Nuclear Physics-1980: (Fifth International Symposium, Santa Fe) (American Institute of Physics. A I P Conference Proceedings,) In
QP 8715
Okun, Lev Borisovich Weak Interaction of Elementary Particles In
QP 5814
Okuni, Lev Borisovich Relations of Particles, The In
QP 4020
Okuni, Lev Borisovich Weak Interaction of Elementary Particles In
QP 5804
Oldham, Keith B. & Spanier, Jerome Fractional Calculus, The: Theory and Applications of Differentiation and Integration to Arbitrary Order In
MA 2003
Olsen, J. L. Electron Transport in Metals In
SM 8813
Olver, F. W. Asymptotics and Special Functions In
MA 4208
Olver, F. W. Introduction to Asymptotics and Special Functions In
MA 4417
Olver, Peter J. Applications of Lie Groups to Differential Equations (Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Vol 107) In
MA 3508a
Omnes, Roland Mandelstam Theory and Regge Poles: An Introduction for Experimentalists In
QP 4811a
Omnes, Roland Introduction to Particle Physics In
QP 4011
Opik, Ernst J. Physics of Meteor Flight in the Atmosphere In
GS 5519
Osaki, Y. Hydrodynamic and Magnetohydrodynamic Problems in the Sun and Stars In
AS 3553- CSE Library
Osgood, William Fogg Topics in the Theory of Functions of Several Complex variables In
MA 2604
Osmer, Patrick Stewart [Editor] Proceedings of a Workshop on Optical Surveys for Quasars (Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series: Vol 2) In
AS 5029- CSE Library
Osservatorio astronomico di Capodimonte Solar and Stellar Granulation In
AS 4037-CSE Library
Oswatitsch, Klaus Gas Dynamics In
ME 5608
Ovenden, Michael William Life in the Universe, a Scientific Discussion In
AS 7513
Owen, David Alternating Current Measurements In
EM 4512
Owen, George Ernest Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory In
EM 2038- CSE Library
Author Title Status Due Call #

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