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Author Title Status Due Call #
Kabir, P.K. CP Puzzle, The: Strange Decays of the Neutral Kaon In
QP 5802
Kaempffer, F. A. Concepts in Quantum Mechanics In
QP 1312
Kahn, Franz Daniel & Palmer, H. P. Quasars: Their Importance in Astronomy and Physics In
AS 4721- CSE Library
Kaku Introduction to Superstrings and M-theory In
QP 3825
Kallen, Gunnar Elementary Particle Physics In
QP 4006
Kalman, G. & Feix, M. [Ed.] Nonlinear Effects in Plasmas (Proceedings of the Orsay Summer Institute, 1966) In
SM 9013
Kamal, A. N. Problems in Particle Physics In
QP 4031
Kantorovich, L. V. Functional Analysis in Normed Spaces In
MA 4610
Kanwal, Ram P. Linear Integral Equations In
MA 4706
Kaplan, Irving Nuclear Physics In
QP 7813
Kaplan, Samuil Aronovich Interstellar Gas Dynamics In
AS 4504
Kaplan, Samuil Aronovich Plasma Astrophysics In
AS 5514
Kaplan, Samuil Aronovich & Pikelner, S. B. Interstellar Medium, The In
AS 4515
Kaplan, Wilfred & Lewis, Donald J. Calculus and Linear Algebra In
MA 2125.2
Kaplan, Wilfred & Lewis, Donald J. Calculus and Linear Algebra In
MA 2125.1
Kaplansky, Irving Rings of Operators In
Ma 6702
Karlin, Samuel A First Course in Stochastic Processes In
MA 8002
Katchalsky, Aharon & Curran, Peter F. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics in Biophysics In
SM 8502
Katio, Tosio Perturbation Theory for Linear Operators In
MA 4611
Katz, Amnon Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Field Theory In
GP 6016
Katz, Amnon Principles of Statistical Mechanics In
SM 6820
Katz, Robert An Introduction to the Special Theory of Relativity In
ME 7105
Kaufmann, William J. III Particles and Fields In
QP 4018
Kaula, William M. An Introduction to Planetary Physics: The Terrestrial Planets In
AS 3030
Kauzmann Quantum Chemistry In
Kauzmann, Walter Quantum Chemistry In
SM 3739
Kaye, George W. C. High Vacua In
GP 5706
Kaye, George W. C. & Laby, T. H. Tables of Physical and Chemical Constants and Some Mathematical Functions In
GP 3504
Kayser, Boris Physics of Massive Neutrinos (World Scientific Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 25) In
QP 5819
Keenan, Joseph H. & Keyes, Frederick G. Thermodynamics Properties of Steam Including Data for the Liquid and Solid Phases 1E In
SM 7306
Keeping, E. S. Introduction to Statistical Inference In
GP 5702b
Keeping, E. S. Introduction to Statistical Inference In
GP 5702
Keesom, W. H. Helium In
SM 7508
Keizer, Joel Statistical Thermodynamics of Nonequilibrium Processes In
SM 8507
Keller, William E. Helium-3 and Helium-4 In
SM 5601
Kelly, Raymond L. Atomic and Lonic Spectrum Lines Below 2000 Angstroms: Hydrogen Through Krypton In
SM 2509.2
Kelly, Raymond L. Atomic and Lonic Spectrum Lines Below 2000 Angstroms: Hydrogen Through Krypton In
SM 2509.1
Kemble, Edwin Crawford Fundamental Principles of Quantum Mechanics with Elementary Applications, The In
QP 2008
Kemp, Daniel S. & Vellaccio, Frank Organic Chemistry In
SM 3616
Kenkre, V.M. Tinnitus In
POETRY 5-8-2017
Kenkre, V.M. (Nitant) Memory Functions, Projection Operators, and the Defect Technique In
SM 88
Kenkre, V.M. (Nitant) and Giuggioli, Luca Theory of the Spread of Epidemics and Movement Ecology of Animals In
BP 84
Kenkre, V.M. and Lindenburg, K Modern Challenges in Statistical Mechanics: Patterns, Noise, and the Interplay of Nonlinearity and Complexity In
Kennard, Earle H. Kinetic Theory of Gases, with and Introduction to Statistical Mechanics In
EM 7502
Kerker, Milton [Ed.] Electromagnetic Scattering (Proceedings of the Interdisciplinary Conference on Eletromagnetic...) In
EM 3003
Kessler, G. Nuclear Fission Reactors In
BP 6001
Kestin, Joseph & Dorfman, J. R. A Course In Statistical Thermodynamics In
SM 6800
Khinchin, Aleksandr Ikovlevich Mathematical Foundations of Information Theory In
MA 8702
Khinchin, Aleksandr Ikovlevich Statistical Mechanics In
Khinchin, Aleksandr Ikovlevich Mathematical Foundations of Statistical Mechanics In
SM 7006
Khoo, Iam-Choon Novel Optical Materials and Applications In
EM 6806
Khoo, Iam-Choon Liquid Crystals: Physical Properties and Nonlinear Optical Phenomena In
EM 7901
Kiaphale, Krshinaprasiada Sushamia In
GS 7201
Kibble, T. W. B. & Berkshire, F. H. Classical Mechanics 4E In
ME 1852
Kiely, D. G. Dielectric Aerials In
EM 4513
Kiepenheuer, K. O. Structure and Development of Solar Active Regions In
AS 2539
Kier, Lemont Burwell Molecular Orbital Theory in Drug Research In
SM 3014
Kikuchi, Ken Nuclear Matter and Nuclear Reactions In
QP 8704- CSE Library
Killin, Gunnar Quantum Electrodynamics In
QP 3418
Kilmister, Clive William & Reeve, J. E. Rational Mechanics In
ME 1806
Kim, Y. S. & Noz, Marilyn E. Theory and Applications of the Poincare Group In
MA 7128
Kimeldorf, Donald J. & Hunt, Edward L. Ionizing Radiation: Neural Function and Behavior In
BP 7034
Kindle, Joseph H. Theory and Problems of Plane and Solid Analytic Geometry (Schaum's Outline Series) In
MA 5211
Kinman, Kenneth A. Sweep Generator Circuits In
EM 4008 N
Kinsler, Lawrence & Frey, Austin et al Fundamentals of Acoustics 3E In
ME 4725
Kip, Arthur F. Fundamentals of Electricity and Magnetism In
EM 2042
Kirk, Paul Leland Quantitative Ultramicroanalysis In
BP 8532
Kirzhnitis, David Abramovich Field Theoretical Methods in Many-Body Systems In
SM 9502
Kithe, Gottfried Topological Vector Spaces In
MA 4807
Kittel, Charles Introduction to Solid State Physics 2E In
SM 9516A
Kittel, Charles Introduction to Solid State Physics 4E In
Kittel, Charles Introduction to Solid State Physics 5E In
SM 9516C
Kittel, Charles Elementary Statistical Physics In
SM 6805
Klapdor, H. V. [Ed.] Neutrinos (Graduate Texts in Contemporary Physics) In
QP 5820
Klauder, John R. Coherent States: Applications in Physics and Mathematical Physics Out May 19, 2014 QP 2510
Klein, Felix On Riemann's Theory of Algebraic Functions and Their Integrals: A Supplement to the Usual Treatises In
MA 2310
Klein, Lewis Dispersion Relations and the Abstract Approach to Field Theory In
QP 3704
Klemparskaia, Natal'ia Nikiforovna Problems of Infection, Immunity and Allergy in Acute Radiation Diseases In
BP 8531
Klen Optics In
Kleppner & Pipkin Atomic Physics 7 (Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Atomic Physics, August 4-8, 1980, Cambridge, MA) In
SM 1106G
Klerer, Melvin A New Table of Indefinite Integrals: Computer Processed In
MA 9013
Knecht, David J. Geomagnetic Field, The In
GS 2304
Knight, Randall D. Five Easy Lessons: Strategies for Successful Physics Teaching In
GP 2309.2
Knight, Randall D. Five Easy Lessons: Strategies for Successful Physics Teaching In
GP 2309.1
Knight, Randall D. Physics for Scienitists and Engineers with Modern Physics In
GP 4066
Knox, John H. Gas Chromatography In
SM 3217
Knox, Robert Seiple Theory of Excitons In
SM 5003
Knox, Robert Seiple & Gold, Albert Symmetry in the Solid State In
SM 4214
Kobayashi, Shoshichi & Nomizu, Katsumi Foundations of Differential Geometry In
MA 5719b
Kobayashi, Shoshichi & Nomizu, Katsumi Foundations of Differential Geometry In
MA 5719a
Kober, H. Dictionary of Conformal Representations In
MA 2311.1
Kober, H. Dictionary of Conformal Representations In
MA 2311.2
Kokkedee, J. J. J. Quark Model, The In
QP 5716
Kolbing, K. S. Organisation Europeenne Pour la Recherche Nucleaire CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research In
MA 4112
Kolmogorov, A. N. Functional Analysis In
MA 4622
Kolsky, Herbert Stress Waves in Solids In
ME 6304- CSE Library
Kong, Jin Au Electromagnetic Wave Theory In
Em 5005
Konopinski, Emil Jan Classical Descriptions of Motion In
ME 1853
Koonin, Steven E. Computational Physics In
MA 8419
Kopal, Zdenek An Introduction to the Study of the Moon In
AS 3032
Kopal, Zdenek Roche Problem and Its Significance for Double Star Astronomy, The (Astrophysics and Space Science Library) In
AS 2033
Koster, George F. Space Groups and Their Representations In
MA 7141
Koster, George F. et al Properties of the Thirty-Two Point Groups In
MA 7114
Kotanyi, C. Radio Emission in the Virgo Cluster and in SO Galaxies In
AS 4702- CSE Library
Kotkin, G. L. & Serbo, V. G. Collection of Problems in Classical Mechanics In
ME 1003
Kourganoff, Vladimir Basic Methods in Transfer Problems; Radiative Equilibrium and Neutron Diffusion In
AS 4007
Kovacs, Istvan Rotational Structure in the Spectra of Diatomic Molecules In
SM 3005-
Kovalevsky, Jean Introduction to Celestial Mechanics In
AS 2004
Kovalevsky, Jean Reference Frames in Astronomy and Geophysics (Astrophysics and Space Science Library, Vol. 154) In
AS 2034
Kowalczynski, Jerzy Klemens Tachyon and Its Fields, The In
QP 3601
Kraitchik, Maurice Mathematical Recreations 2E Rev. In
MA 1005
Kramers, H. A. Quantum Mechanics In
QP 1407
Kramers, H. A. Quantum Physics In
QP 2232
Kreyszig, Erwin Advanced Engineering Mathematics In
MA 4008
Krol, Ed Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog In
GP 43
Krupp, E. C. [Ed.] In Search of Ancient Astronomies In
AS 7515
Kubo, Ryogo Statistical Mechanics In
SM 7018
Kuhn, Heinrich Gerhard Atomic Spectra In
SM 2009
Kuiper, Gerard Peter & Middlehurst, Barbara M. [Ed.] Telescopes In
AS 7006a
Kulikovskiy, Andrey & Lyubimov, Grigoriy Magnetohydrodynamics In
ME 5307
Kumar, Kailash Perturbation Theory and the Nuclear Many Body Problem In
QP 8701
Kundu, Mukul Ranjan Solar Radio Astronomy In
AS 2511
Kunkel, Wulf B. [Ed.] Plasma Physics in Theory and Application In
SM 9002
Kuper, Charles An Introduction to the Theory of Superconductivity In
SM 5503
Kupradze, V. D. Potential Methods in the Theory of Elasticity In
ME 6303
Kursunoglu, Behram Modern Quantum Theory In
QP 2230
Kurth, Rudolf Introduction to Stellar Statistics In
AS 2021
Kurth, Rudolf Introduction to the Mechanics of Stellar Systems In
AS 2015
Kurth, Rudolf Dimensional Analysis and Group Theory in Astrophysics In
AS 4006
Kusaka, S. & Frankel, S. et al [Ed.] Lectures on Electrodynamics by J. Robert Oppenheimer In
EM 2227
Kushner, Harold Joseph Stochastic Approximation Methods for Constrained and Unconstrained Systems In
MA 8803
Kyoto Summer Institute (8th : 1985) Quantum Gravity and Cosmology In
ME 9301
Author Title Status Due Call #

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