Computer Policy


The University and the Department offer many important benefits for computing. Most computers need to be connected to the internet, so both the University and the Department must have control over certain aspects of computing to maintain security against viruses, hacking, and malware.

The Department and the University maintain the right to disconnect any computer that causes security problems. You are responsible for keeping your computer safe. If in doubt, contact the Help Desk.

Help Desk

If you are having a computer related problem, have a question, or need any type of computer support, please fill out a Help Desk ticket.

General Computer Availability

For both graduate and undergraduate students, there are dedicated computers in the Department and computer pods located at several places across campus run by IT.

The University Computer Use Policy

All Department computer policies are subject to the limitations imposed by the overall UNM policies. These include the important aspects of misuse of computing facilities and copyright violations. Please see ACCEPTABLE COMPUTER USE and COMPUTER USE GUIDELINES if you have any questions. Improper use of Department computers (as outlined by UNM policy) is forbidden.

Computer Security

We reserve the right to disconnect any machine that might potentially compromise our security. You are expected to protect your computer with virus protection, personal firewalls, and operating system updates. You may obtain a copy of Symantec Antivirus Software from UNM IT from the Software Download page. Personal firewalls are included in Windows XP, Linux, and Mac operating systems. If you have any questions about your computer firewall, check with the Help Desk. Your Operating System must be set to perform daily updates. Be sure to set the time of the updates for when your computer is turned on.

Computer Backups

Files in the home, web and shared areas on departmental servers are backed up nightly. The most recent backups are kept on disk, and the most recent five weeks are stored on tape. Fill out a Help Desk ticket to request restoration of files. Indicate the file name, location and date for the requested restore.

Wireless Networking

IT supports the wireless network within our building as a separate virtual network. For information on connecting to the wireless network, please view IT's Wireless Network Connection Instructions.

How to Obtain an IP Address

Submit a request for an IP Address before connecting a newly acquired computer into an internet port. For security reasons, we must make sure that your computer is properly registered. Fill out a Help Desk ticket if you move a computer from one port to another.

Operating Systems

We do not guarantee support of all operating systems. Check with the Help Desk if you have any questions or concerns regarding the level of support you can expect to receive for an operating system.